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Carl Nassib, From Hero to Villain in Two Days: Praised As Gay, Attacked As a Republican

The NFL player’s case joins those of women attacked by the feminist left for not being Democrats, blacks attacked by the anti-racist left for being Republicans, or transgendered people vilified by the left for being Republicans

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Carl Nassib, a player for the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, made headlines this week for publicly coming out as gay.

“I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest,” Carl Nassib said in a video he posted on social media on June 21.

He said he didn’t do it to draw attention to himself, but because he believes “visibility is important”. Carl Nassib did not limit himself to expressing his homosexuality, but also explained that he was donating $100,000 to the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that tries to prevent suicides among LGBTQ youth.

In the midst of LGBT Pride month, his announcement has been celebrated and publicized by the entire media and political apparatus, even being congratulated by President Joe Biden himself on Twitter.

Many media outlets have called his announcement “courageous”, “responsible” and “historic”, as the first active NFL player to acknowledge his sexual status.

However, just two days after Carl Nassib’s coming out, many of those who went so far as to call him a hero are now trying to sweep it under the rug. The reason? Many reports point to Carl Nassib being a Republican and a fervent supporter of Donald Trump.

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When the fact-checking portal Snopes – known for its leftist bias – acknowledged that it was true that Carl Nassib was registered as a Republican voter, the entire media campaign of praise for Carl Nassib turned to silence at best, or outright contempt on many occasions.

carl nassib
Reactions on Twitter. (Screenshot)

A few days ago the progressive press dictated that Carl Nassib’s announcement was a historic event to be admired, a milestone of courage in the backward world of men’s sports, as well as a lesson and example for the whole world to follow. Now, however, the narrative is – as Vox, an openly left-leaning political opinion website, points out – that “hopefully the day will come when players like Carl Nassib will not have to come out of the closet.”

Carl Nassib is no longer useful to feed the leftist narrative

The leftist reaction in this case seems to be yet another demonstration that it is the who that matters, not the what. They praise the coming out of the closet of a homosexual athlete if they believe it is instrumental to the left, from the moment it is known that this person is a Republican, his sexual condition ceases to matter.

This behavior is common in all areas that the left has tried to monopolize and monopolize. Issues such as race, gender, or sexual orientation of a person or collective are considered mere political tools, as long as the left has the ability to instrumentalize those people. If the people they claim to defend do not show their adherence to the progressive and leftist cause, they become ignored, or even attacked.

Carl Nassib’s case joins those of women attacked by the feminist left for not being Democrats, blacks attacked by the anti-racist left for being Republicans, or transgender people vilified by the inclusive left for being Republicans.

Gay Pride month celebrations in June are increasingly seen by more people as a leftist political campaign, making the woke hypocrisy clear, and the media and political manipulation of these supposedly oppressed groups in favor of the Democratic Party becomes, too, more evident.

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