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Journalist Carmen Aristegui Says AMLO in Unfit to Govern Mexico

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Journalist Carmen Aristegui responded to the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), after allegations of biased reporting against him. In response to the president’s statements, Aristegui said that, in her opinion, the country does not deserve a discourse that she described as “poisoned.”

In addition, the journalist criticized López Obrador’s use of public resources to attack journalists. This is in reference to the fact that the comments were made during a meeting of the president with the Mexican press corp.

“President, I do believe and wish that this country has a profound transformation in terms of justice, democracy and free expression. That it has a better economy, I wish that this country achieves, with the help of all of us, that this reality changes,” said Aristegui.

Carmen Aristegui’s stance

Regarding her political stance and that of her media, she pointed out that “in this news space, of independent journalists, we are doing our job: informing, commenting, criticizing, analyzing and reviewing the issues,” she commented.

Finally, she made reference to AMLO’s comments, in which he says that he represents the feeling of a movement of millions of people; Aristegui highlighted that she works in favor, precisely, of millions of Mexicans who yearn for a better quality of life.

“I am neither for nor against the president as a political purpose. I am in favor of a transformation that this country requires and needs,” she said.

During Tuesday’s morning conference from the National Palace, López Obrador indicated that the journalist belongs to a group of conservatives, whom he blamed, without evidence, for the problems facing the country.

“Telling Carmen Aristegui that it is not true that she is neither for nor against me. It is not true, she is against me, to speak clearly,” said the president.

Carmen Aristegui responds to AMLO: Mexico needs a president who is up to his job.

She added: “And there would be no problem that he is against me if I were not part of a movement of millions of Mexicans who want to carry out a transformation of the country. Now it is not with me, it is with a transforming movement. If he does not believe in that, that is another thing, but we do believe in that and we fight for and defend that cause and we also have great faith in the future.”

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