Former Miss Venezuela Carmen María Montiel to Be a GOP Candidate for Congress in TX

In an interview with El American, the former beauty pageant explained the importance of Hispanics voting for the GOP

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Former Miss Venezuela Carmen María Montiel will be a Republican candidate for Congress for the state of Texas in the November elections. This was confirmed in her Twitter account.

Born in Venezuelan, Carmen María became known for her career in the world of beauty pageants and as a host of different media, such as Telemundo. She graduated with magna cum laude honors in Communications.

“Proud winner of the American Conservative Union Award. Candidate for the 18th Congressional District of the United States. Mother. Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe finalist. Speaker and survivor.” This is how Montiel describes herself in her Twitter bio.

Carmen María Montiel and republican values

In an interview for El American, by Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Vallejo, Carmen María Montiel explained the importance of the Latino vote. “Hispanics have been deceived by the Democrats (…) But in the last two years, they have realized that the Republican Party is the party with the values that represent us.”

She also assured that when meeting with Hispanic voters, she realizes that Hispanics are represented by conservatives. “Do you care about your family, your job, your faith, you don’t want to pay more taxes, you don’t want to be oppressed? Congratulations, you are a Republican!” she stated.

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