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Did Castro’s Regime Blow Up Saratoga Hotel?

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By Enrique Alejandro:

In the immediate vicinity of Cuba’s Capitol Building, this Friday morning, a massive explosion rocked Havana’s Saratoga Hotel at 10:50 a.m. The Cuban Presidential Office decided that the cause behind the explosion was an “accidental gas leak.”

We only know that over 32 people were killed and over 80 were injured.

The Castro crime family would like to make you believe that an “accidental gas leak” blew up the Saratoga Hotel—which just happened to be closed for renovations—, ergo the presence of international tourists would diminish. This is the same regime that is responsible for the murders of their own “revolutionary” compañeros such as Camilo Cienfuegos, Che Guevara, Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado and of political dissidents the likes of Oswaldo Payá Sardines and Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

The Castro mob understands that if a foreigner is injured or killed in the island, there is a high political cost to be paid. Precisely so at a time when the regime is anxious to orchestrate a distraction and to retake control of the narrative by reaching critical mass at the international level, in order to divert attention from the thousands of political prisoners, including kids, which they have locked up and are actively torturing both physically and psychologically.

In order to wash-up their image, the regime deems necessary to interrupt the worldwide momentum triggered by the fast-growing awareness being achieved regarding the mass-incarceration of the July 11th detainees and of thousands of anti-communists. Cuban artists Luis Manuel Alcántara and Maykel Osorbo received the 2022 Freedom Award in Washington D.C. this week, however, they remain detained in Castro’s gulags. While in solitary confinement, the head of the dissident movement in Cuba, José Daniel Ferrer, is being tortured with sonic attacks designed by Alejandro Castro Espín.

And just like that, world leaders, the so-called “international community,” and the freedom for Cuba movement itself are, justifiably so, laser-sharp focused on and simultaneously reacting to this catastrophe which has also taken the life of at least one minor. Given these gangsters’ long history of political murders and their expert manipulation of predetermined events, by definition; it is only natural and logical to question the regime’s connection to the cause behind the explosion at the Saratoga Hotel.

In April of 2003, exactly when all eyes were on the Battle of Baghdad during the invasion of Iraq, the Castro brothers took advantage of this global event to, hence the distraction, unfairly sentence and torture 75 dissidents in what would be known as the “Black Spring” (or “La Primavera Negra”). Of course, this old disinformation trick remains in the regime’s playbook and they will not hesitate to implement it by orchestrating a new domestic distraction in order to further escalate their sanguinary repression.

The death of our fellow Cubans in Friday morning’s explosion is definitely a tragedy. However, the Cuban people inside and outside of the island, and especially the international community, should prioritize their attention and mobilization on all political prisoners in Cuba.

With the destruction of the Saratoga Hotel, in this period, political detainees will suffer the cruelest and most barbaric physical and psychological attacks against them and their respective families. To remain in power, the regime has destroyed generations of Cuban lives and intends on deflecting the rest of the world through captivating events (such as the explosion of the Saratoga Hotel) with the purpose of minimizing foreign scrutiny and remaining a lead country on the United Nations “Human Rights” Council, while simultaneously intensifying a cruel political oppression.

At 11:14 a.m., when there was technically no time for an expert evaluation amid collapse, smoke and victims in rubble, unbelievably, less than half an hour after the explosion, by way of an impersonated Twitter profile operated by Cuban intelligence (DGI), “@GuerreroCubano2” tweeted that the explosion could have been caused by a “transfer of liquefied gas from a truck.”

Miguel Díaz-Canel, the visual representative of the Castro regime, issued his first statement on the matter at 3:39 p.m. (4 hours and 49 minutes after the profile “@GuerreroCubano2” on Twitter disclosed the same narrative that the regime would later publish).

Even the Cuban Presidency’s (@PresidenciaCuba) official Twitter profile shared, via retweet and for the first time, the “news” that was originally uploaded to Twitter through Cuba Debate (@CubaDebateCU) at 11:32 a.m. (42 minutes after the “GuerreroCubano2” profile disclosed said narrative through its Twitter account).

How is it possible that a supposedly personal Twitter profile (“@GuerreroCubano2”) has disclosed exactly the same narrative that the Cuban-state media (Cuba Debate) would publish for the first time 42 minutes later? These communists are inept even when spreading disinformation. As Fidel Castro once said inside the plane during his trip to the United Nations on October 23, 1995, “this was out of the calculations.”

Later that Friday afternoon, G2 counterintelligence agents were at the door of Cuban citizens Pedro Quiala, Angel Cuza and Carlos Milanés, after they broadcasted videos of the explosion on the internet.

Whether the Castro mafia was involved in the cause behind the explosion or not, one thing is certain; the regime will obtain and is already securing its political advantage through this unfortunate catastrophe.

A native of Havana, Cuba, Enrique Alejandro is a 25-year-old film producer and director. He is the CEO & Founder of EnriEnt, an American entertainment company.

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