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Fact Check: Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto Spreads False Information About her Opponent, Republican Adam Laxalt

Fact check: demócrata Catherine Cortez Masto difunde información falsa sobre el republicano Adam Laxalt

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Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) spread false information on social media about her opponent, Republican Adam Laxalt, who is seeking to unseat the Democrat from her Senate seat in the state of Nevada, in a very close electoral race.

In a Spanish-language video posted on his social media, Cortez Masto took out of context statements made by Laxalt about the bad economic policies of Democratic officials that have affected the Hispanic community.

The ad uses a deceptively edited audio of Laxalt saying, “I think the good news is that now we’re a year , a lot of those jobs never came back, a lot of those Hispanic small businesses never reopened.”

Laxalt’s statements

The Democrat has repeatedly used this audio out of context, including in press releases, seeking to portray Laxalt in a bad light.

However, the full audio of Laxalt’s interview, which dates back to last January 28, 2022, makes it clear that Laxalt said the good news is that Americans can now clearly see who is pushing harmful economic policies, because Democrats now have full control either at the national level and in Nevada as well, unlike what happened in 2020, when the pandemic could be used as a political weapon against Republicans

 It’s his fault why you lost your job. And I was thinking at the time, like, God, there’s no way anyone’s gonna buy that. But apparently, you know, some slice of voters really thought it was his fault. I think the good news is that now we’re a year , a lot of those jobs never came back, a lot of those Hispanic small businesses never reopened, and guess who is in charge? We have a Democrat governor, a Democrat House, a Democrat assembly, a Democrat President, Democrat Senate, Democrat House of Representatives. It’s 100% their fault.”

“And so the media can’t cover for them. They’re going to try, we all know, but the media can’t do what it did in 2020 and basically blame the pandemic on Republicans. And so, we’re seeing an awakening here,” Laxalt explained about it.

Cortez Masto’s political dirty play comes at a time when Latinos, as a demographic group, are turning their backs on the Democratic Party to begin supporting GOP candidates heading into the midterm elections.

Likewise, both Cortez Masto and Laxalt are battling neck and neck in one of the closest Senate races. According to the most recent polls, collected on the website of the specialized site FiveThirtyEight, the Republican is leading his Democratic opponent in most of the surveys, although the advantage ranges between 1 and 2 percent.

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