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Boston Celtics Censored in China for Kanter’s Pro-Tibetan Statements

Juegos de los Celtics censurados en China por declaraciones de Kanter contra la dictadura

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Boston Celtics games were censored in China after a player on the team, Enes Kanter, said on social media that Xi Jinping is a “brutal dictator.” Kanter did so to express his opinion on the regime’s repressive policies in Tibet.

“The incident could spell fresh trouble for the N.B.A. in China. The league has millions of devoted fans there but has also just spent two years mending its image in the country after a Houston Rockets executive tweeted support in 2019 for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.” So reviewed the New York Times.

Not the only dictator

Enes Kanter has also responded to the president of his home country, Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for a new arrest warrant against him in that country. Kanter explained that it would be the tenth measure against his person. However, he maintained that he will continue to defend the human rights of all citizens.

“The reason is me standing up for Human Rights and Political Prisoners who are getting tortured and raped,” Kanter said.

In December of last year, the NBA confirmed that the opening day doubleheader for the 2020-21 season would be fully broadcast in China, through Tencent, a league partner, and that work is already underway on scenarios that would allow for a return to overseas competition beginning in the 2021-22 season.

One of the consequences of that time was the elimination of NBA games, which were taken off China’s state-owned television channel CCTV.

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