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Charlie Kirk Discusses Young Latino Summit 2021 with El American

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Latinos are an important part of the development and economic system of the United States, creating thousands of businesses and jobs. They have also adapted to the American culture, embracing the underlying principles of freedom of the American Constitution and strengthening their own identifies by sharing strong family values, religion, and hard work.

This brings us to 27-year-old Charlie Kirk who has been working tirelessly to promote conservative principles to young Americans, including Hispanic-Americans. Our chief correspondent Anna Paulina Luna interviewed Kirk about his activism and important work at pushing back against radical ideologies.

Charlie Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA, an organization that spreads and promotes conservative ideas in educational institutions across the country in what could be considered a counter-cultural activity.

In his conversation with El American, Kirk provided us with great detail about Turning Point’s activism across the U.S., primarily during these critical divisive times, and highlighted the importance of continuing to reach the Latino community in the U.S.

“Hispanics are more conservative than is often believed”

“We started this [Turning Point] almost nine years ago with the feeling that we were losing our country. Unfortunately, that feeling is not lost on me. We have made some significant progress, but we are on college and university campuses trying to educate the next generation about why our country is exceptional and the values of our Constitution and our history,” Kirk commented.

“And we’ve been very successful. We do a lot of events, like the Young Latino Leadership Summit […] We do our Student Action Summit. We do events all over the country.”

Charlie kirk

Kirk touched on the sad reality that there is an alarmingly growing number of young Americans who are being indoctrinated into believing the U.S. is a terrible country: “Many young people believe that America is a horrible country and that there is nothing exceptional about what America promises. The younger generation suddenly wants to tell the older generation that we know more than you do and that actually this place is terrible, even though many of them have never traveled, have no passport, and have no historical perspective.”

Turning Point, says Kirk, is emphasizing on the importance of getting the right message about conservatism out, as the younger generation continues to lose respect of our great nation.

“When I go to these campuses my basic message is that we are a decent, generous, benevolent country that is always striving to improve and giving opportunities to more people today, regardless of skin color, and that if you work hard and follow the rules you can achieve that level of success.”

charlie kirk

As the woke mob and radical socialist ideas in the U.S. begin to gain ground and popularity among the youth, it is critical that conservatives can work more closely with the Latino community, people who, culturally and economically, are much closer to conservative positions.

Charlie Kirk has become one of the most relevant conservative voices in the country. (Image: Facebook)

“I think the young people and the Hispanic community is more conservative than you might think. You saw in Florida how it’s moving in the Republican direction when the more we talk about values and the more we talk about hard work,” he continued. “Not just talking about the kind of corporate agenda that people have wanted to talk about for the last two decades, but talking about why America is exceptional. Strong families, having more children, serving in the Army like you [Anna] did. Safe streets. Police. These things are winning messages in the Hispanic community.”

When it comes to conservative activism within the Latino community, there is a major event coming up where Charlie Kirk and Turning Point are key players: the Young Latino Leadership Summit.

“We’re proud to host this every year and we’re trying to play a role in trying to motivate young Latinos, young Hispanics, young bilingual conservatives to speak out,” Kirk commented about the event.

“In June 2015 we had our first Young Latino Leadership Summit at the Pheasant Run Resort in the Chicago suburbs and six years later here we are (…) We have Senator Ted Cruz as a speaker. It’s going to be a great event and I don’t pretend to have all the answers on how to win over young Latinos or young Hispanics, but I think our speakers have a lot to offer. I think our attendees are going to get a lot out of this conference.”

The Young Latino Leadership Summit takes place April 18th in Phoenix, Arizona. To book tickets, please visit www.TPUSA.com/YLLS

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