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Charred Raft with Cuban Police Uniform Arrives in Miami Beach

Coast Guard repatriates 45 Cubans intercepted in the Caribbean Sea

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A charred raft with a Cuban police uniform arrived this Sunday, without occupants, on the shore of Miami Beach, the most emblematic beach in the state of Florida, which caused surprise among bathers in the area.

Cuban journalist and filmmaker Manuel Zayas, who witnessed the arrival of the raft on the beach, published photographs on social networks of the precarious vessel, which showed signs of a major fire.

He said that the raft arrived at North Miami Beach, at 89th Street and Collins, and that some objects could be identified, among others, shoes, remains of food and an officer’s uniform of the National Revolutionary Police.

The uniform (practically intact) bore the number 39762 and was found next to a whistle.

Zayas said that no human remains could be seen on the raft that washed up on the popular Florida beach.

Bathers were recording the unusual situation with their phones.

Today’s arrival of the raft at Miami Beach coincides with the news that a total of 27 Cuban rafters were detained this weekend by U.S. authorities in the Florida Keys.

The arrival of the 27 Cuban rafters occurred on Saturday in Key Largo and Marquesas Keys.

The Coast Guard also disclosed that more than 200 Cuban rafters who arrived in various boats during the last week to the Florida coast were repatriated.

Coastguards Robert Yered and Pablo Valents repatriated a total of 203 Cubans after intercepting 14 vessels between Tuesday and Thursday off the Florida Keys.

The Coast Guard has detained 4,440 Cubans off the Florida coast since October 1, 2021.

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