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Chicago Public Schools to Implement ‘Gender-Aligned’ Restroom Use

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Chicago Public Schools will eliminate gendered restrooms and allow their use according to the “gender alignment” of children. This was reported by the state’s Public School System.

“This is a big step forward gender equity for our students and staff,” the department said on Twitter.

In a video released on Twitter, it was learned that the measure was taken to have equity in schools. It was also reported that new signage will make restrooms more inclusive.

The Public School System indicated that they will ask all schools to have the signs for the bathrooms on December 1. The Office of Student Protection intends to work on a long-term plan to create more permanent signage for school restrooms.

Recently in the state of Virginia, in Loudoun County, a controversy was generated after such measures were implemented to have “inclusive” restrooms, and a man wearing a skirt entered the women’s restroom, and ended up raping a girl

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