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Children: New Victims of Culture War and Progressive Indoctrination

Lgbtq para niños

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Humanity is living through a time of resurgence of obscurantism, where destruction is presented with shades of inclusion and representation, where shadows are given light, and where common sense is massacred and cancelled by the big media and social networks increasingly committed to generate a structural change in the ways that our western societies have been established.

A couple of years ago perhaps you heard someone say that the “left wants to destroy the family”, and to many it seemed an exaggeration, a joke, or surely “a conspiracy theory”; the truth is that what until recently might have seemed laughable hallucinations of some religious fanatic, today is a reality that walks in front of our eyes; you don’t have to be an orthodox jew or a strict catholic to see and be indignant by the amorality that today is promoted and amplified, not only by the media, but by the very schools that “educate” our children.

Since a couple of months ago the film “Cuties” was published on Netflix, one that shows 11 year old girls doing erotic dances with closed approaches to their sexual organs, many finally understood that the supposed “conspiracy theory” was not such a thing, but in fact it was a reality: there is a rather amplified agenda for indoctrinating children with the new progressive values: victimization, hypersexualization, LGBTQ labels, racial segregation, socialist economic ideals; values that directly or indirectly attempt to undermine the sustainability of the family institution.

The aberration of subjecting children from such a young age to incorporate sexual labels into their identity involves a series of risks for the development of their personality and psychological integrity, but also encourages the normalization of other aberrant behaviors in their environment, such as pedophilia and pederasty.

From schools to dysfunctional homes

Unfortunately, schools in first world countries, such as the United States, have become the main vehicle for dominating the minds of children long before they have the ability to think for themselves and thus cause irreversible damage. For many years, the penetration of progressive discourse in universities and schools has been escalating, to the point that in 2018, according to a Gallup poll, 51% of American youth felt in favor of socialism; and even, in a YouGov poll, 70% of American youth would vote for a socialist, which speaks of the intrusion of Marxism in the classroom. Not happy with this, however, progressives have been increasingly attacking people at younger ages; indoctrination of adults and teens is now taking place in children, and not just 9-12 year olds, but they have begun to impart their “values” in infants as young as 4.

Last week I met with the director of an American elementary school in the state of Texas, for obvious reasons I cannot share her name, but she told me that a couple of months ago there was a problem at the institution, since one of the students (four years old) arrived at the school dressed as a woman; currently in the United States there is a protocol for dealing with these cases, there cannot be any approach that could somehow make the child feel that there is some kind of discrimination because this could trigger legal problems.

Faced with this situation, school officials decided to wait and see how the situation would develop. The result was that only a couple of hours after arriving at the school, the child was reprimanded for showing his genitals in class. He was taken to the principal’s office, and in the presence of witnesses, as required in these cases, the child confessed that he was frustrated because the boys were making fun of him and the girls did not want to play with him either. Because of this and tired of being made fun of, he decided to show his genitals to prove that he was a boy; after this he confessed that he did not want to go to school dressed as a girl, but that his mother had forced him to do so. When his mother was called, she accepted that she had dressed him that way, because “she wanted his son to have the opportunity to decide the gender he preferred without limiting himself to his biological condition”.

While there is currently no metric that can define how many of these cases are currently presented in the United States, a clip from a new HBO documentary shows a 4-year-old boy being pressured by his presumed teachers and also his mother before an audience full of adults, to declare that he is in fact “a girl.

The child is given a microphone when the child’s mother announces, “This is Phoenix. The child turns to the mother and says, “I’m a little shy.

“Are you a little shy? Do you want to tell everyone if you are a boy or a girl?” asked the mother.

“I just want to tell them I’m a girl,” replied the boy, who kept looking at the mother.

The child took a deep breath and seemed to be about to speak into the microphone, then turned to the mother and said, “I don’t want to.

“Okay,” replied the mother. “Phoenix wants you to know that she is a child and prefers she and her as her pronouns.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Not all parents lend themselves to the promotion of new denaturalized societies where their children are used as guinea pigs for social experiments, however, on some occasions, not even the love given at home is capable of coping with a society increasingly contaminated by the anti-values of progressivism. Also two weeks ago, I met and was able to talk with a mother of Cuban origin in the state of Florida, whom her 11-year-old daughter denounced to the police for “attacking and discriminating against the LGBTQ community.

She told me that one of her daughter’s friends (also 11 years old) declared herself to be pansexual, and another of them as bisexual. The mother would have reproached her daughter because she considered that they were not at the age to be talking in sexual terms or even thinking about it, and she punished her daughter. The girl then told her friends, who began to tell her that her mother was practicing hate speech before the LGBTQ community; a few days later she received a visit from the police for allegations of “discrimination against minorities”.

Evidently, since then, the mother-daughter relationship has suffered a notable deterioration, which of course the mother wishes would not be irreversible. However, in her own words, she felt that she was “sleeping with the enemy.   

The new revolutionary man and the new child

For a long time socialists around the world have been talking about the “new man”, this term was used by Chavismo in Venezuela, although most Venezuelans who oppose the tyranny commanded by Nicolás Maduro quickly adapted the terminology of the “new man” as a pejorative nickname.

The new revolutionary man and boy is being attacked and indoctrinated since his brain does not even have the capacity to reason by itself, since there it becomes simpler and also more effective to inculcate the anti-values that could become the absolute decay of the Western social system. Children growing up in a state of confusion because they do not know their biological gender, instilling in them ideas of victims and need of social assistance from the State, is from the beginning the seed for the development of a whole generation that will advocate socialism and paternalistic States in order to subdue societies.

The conspiracy theory today is not to believe that the new progressive left wants to destroy the family, what is “conspiracy” or at least suspicious would be to think that they will not succeed if we continue to turn a blind eye and allow them to continue to implant their anti-values in our children. 

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American

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