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Chilean Drag Queens Slammed for Committing ‘Offensive’ Acts in Front of Children at Rally

Progressive pro-"Apruebo" Rally in Chile Repudiated for Depicting Sexual Violence to Children

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A WEEK before the mandatory plebiscite in which Chileans will decide whether to accept or reject the new Constitution, an episode occurred that generated the repudiation of Chilean society, after a group of transvestites in an act of Apruebo (the movement calling for the approval of a new Constitution) in Valparaiso, provoked the repulsion of both sides by a performance of “bad taste” that included an affront to the Chilean flag and which was intended to defend abortion.

One of the protagonists stood with his back to the audience and pulled down his underwear while his partner on stage pretended to pull a flag out of his anus in the midst of obscene phrases.

Las Indetectables (as they are known) had already used the Chilean flag in a similar show with the same sexual connotations.

The act generated a massive rejection, which has forced even supporters of the government led by Gabriel Boric to speak out. Communist Camilo Vallejo, Minister of the General Secretariat of the Government, called for the video not to be broadcasted because it could harm the approval campaign: “These acts not only offend our patriotic symbols but also attack children and adolescents, so we call for the video not to be broadcasted,” she said.

The reprobation was joined by different organisations, arguing that “this act is inappropriate and out of place, given the family nature of the activity, and the fact that there were children and adolescents in the audience”.

Chile will decide this week whether to approve a new openly socialist Constitution, or continue to be guided by the constitutional text established during the Pinochet regime. The latest polls indicate that rejection has a 10-point lead over approval.

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