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China Can’t Boss Us Around Anymore


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After embracing a twisted version of capitalism, with heavy components of mercantilism, China managed to make up 28.7% of the total global output for manufacturing (for reference, second on that list is the United States, 16.8%, and third is Japan, 7.5%). America was once the top manufacturing hub, but that has radically changed in the last 10 years or so.

Yes, this has allowed us to purchase cheaper items. iPhones would be considerably more expensive if they were to be manufactured solely in the U.S. or Europe, where ridiculous labor regulations hinder production.

The same applies to Teslas (Musk’s flirting dance with the Chinese regime should not go unnoticed) and, to be honest, with mainly everything we consume. Let’s not even discuss clothing, where gray areas allow a China-made product to be legally tagged as “Made in France.”

Of course, this has a cost, and this cost takes the form of human exploitation. Some workers receive extremely low salaries for long hours of work, but they are the lucky ones.

Uyghurs are the main victims of this utter violation of our most basic rights. Adrian Zenz, a German anthropologist and senior fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, reported that Uyghur camps produce items for export, all made from cotton in Xinjiang. “43 percent of Xinjiang’s exports are apparel, footwear, or textiles,” Zenz said. In short, China’s “re-education camps” are, in reality, forced labor camps.

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The money that this production system has enabled the Chinese regime has, in turn, solidified China as a geopolitical force as well. China is the main economic partner in developing countries, providing poor nations with everything they need: from vaccines to elaborated infrastructure. And ideological influence, obviously. China easily gets friendly seats at UN meetings. There’s barely any resistance to the mighty dragon.

So yes, China is extremely powerful. This is exactly why Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is so important and meaningful. Despite numerous threats, the Speaker went to the democratic island, which is constantly bullied by its gigantic continental neighbor.

Had Pelosi canceled her trip, the message would have been, “China now decides where a U.S. official can go.” This is non-negotiable.

I have countless differences with Speaker Pelosi. However, this demonstration of bravery and solid convictions, have won her my deepest respect and admiration.

I think all Americans should be on the same page on this one.

Note: This article originally appeared in El American’s newsletter on August 6, 2022.