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China Threatens Taiwan: ‘Independence Means War’

“The People’s Liberation Army will take all necessary measures to crush any attempt at Taiwan independence,” said a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry.

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China’s Defense Ministry warned on Thursday that “Taiwan independence means war,” after 13 Chinese warplanes flew over the Formosa Strait earlier this week.

“We are serious warning Taiwan independence forces: those who play with fire will end up getting burned and Taiwan independence means war,” ministerial spokesman Wu Qian told a press conference in Beijing.

Wu also confirmed that the Chinese military is conducting military maneuvers in the strait as part of a response “to interference by outside forces and provocations by Taiwan independence forces.”

“The People’s Liberation Army,” Wu added, “will take all necessary measures to crush any attempt at Taiwan independence and will firmly defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China,” which considers Taiwan (ruled autonomously since 1949) a part of its territory to be returned to its sovereignty.

In the same vein, the Defense Ministry spokesman assured that “containing China is an impossible mission.”

Over the past course of his presidency, Donald Trump approved a series of political exchanges and arms sales to Taipei against which Beijing protested bitterly, another chapter in the confrontation between the two powers.

Unlike China, Taiwan has instituted a democratic and representative government that has not been internationally recognized due to constant threats and China’s soft power over the international community.

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