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China Offers Support to Cuba amid Pressure Against Regime

China ofrece apoyo a Cuba en la construcción del socialismo

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The leader of the Chinese regime, Xi Jinping, expressed on Monday his support to the Cuban regime and assured that his country is willing to work together with the island for the construction of socialism and to be partners. The Chinese leader’s proposal was made during a telephone conversation with the head of the Cuban revolution, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

The information was revealed by the Chinese state media Xinhua, which detailed that in the conversation a unity in political strategy was also raised.

“Xi pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba the Cuban comrades have resolutely defended their revolutionary achievements without fear because of the powerful and unwavering struggle,” the Chinese media reported.

Support for Cuba

De igual manera, Jinping y Díaz-Canel conversaron sobre la pandemia en ambos países. China aseguró que continuará brindando asistencia y apoyo dentro de su capacidad a Cuba. Además, expresó su confianza de que Cuba logrará nuevos avances en su causa socialista.

Xi and Díaz-Canel also discussed the pandemic in both countries. China assured that it will continue to provide assistance and support within its capacity to Cuba. In addition, it expressed its confidence that Cuba will achieve new advances in its socialist cause.

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China ofreció su apoyo a Cuba en la construcción del socialismo FLICKR
China offered its support to Cuba to build socialism. (Flickr)

“The two sides should intensify their strategic coordination on international and multilateral occasions to safeguard the common interests of developing countries, Xi said, adding that China will continue to advocate fairness and justice for Cuba in both speeches and deeds on the world stage.”