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China to Biden: Taiwan is ‘First Red Line’ Not to Cross

China a Biden: Taiwán es "la primera línea roja" que no debe cruzar, EFE

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Chinese President Xi Jinping today warned his US counterpart Joe Biden that Taiwan, which China claims as its own, is “the first red line that must not be crossed” and said he expects the US to “honor its promise” not to support the island’s eventual independence.

“Taiwan is part of China’s core interests and they are the basis of China-U.S. political relations. This is the first red line that must not be crossed. Anyone who seeks to separate Taiwan from China will be violating China’s core interests and the Chinese people will never allow it. We hope to see peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, but peace and Taiwan ‘independence’ are irreconcilable,” Xi said.

Xi and Biden’s meeting, their first face-to-face meeting as heads of state, took place on the eve of the G20 leaders’ summit, which Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend, with the war in Ukraine dominating much of the group’s talks.

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