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China Urges Biden to Get Rid of Trump’s Tariffs

Wang YI - Relaciones Exteriores China - El American

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on President Biden on Monday to adjust its policies and eliminate the tariffs it imposed on Chinese products by former President Trump.

“We hope the US will adjust its policies as soon as possible, removing the unreasonable tariffs imposed on Chinese products, and unilateral sanctions on Chinese companies and science research institutes, and the unreasonable suppression of Chinese tech,” Wang said at a forum on Beijing.

Wang also urged the United States to stop supporting separatists seeking Taiwan independence, and called on President Biden to stop “undermining China’s sovereignty and security with attacks on Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet.”

According to Wang, “the new U.S. administration is evaluating its foreign policy. We hope the U.S. will return to rationality for a healthy development of its ties with China.”

For relations between the two to return to the right path, it is necessary to “tear down the walls of intolerance” and try to “better understand China”, as well as “respect each other” and “not interfere in each other’s affairs,” said Wang, with the recurrent practice of soft power of Xi Jinping’s government, in which in exchange for continuing to trade with the Asian giant, governments must keep quiet about human rights violations occurring in the country.

China’s soft power

“We can’t think about changing, suppressing or defeating the other. That’s not going anywhere, and it’s simply not possible. China is open to dialogue, as always. We hope to maintain frank communication with the United States,” the head of Chinese diplomacy said.

Wang added that China is prepared to coordinate and work with the United States in the fight against COVID-19, climate change, and global economic recovery.

He also called for the improvement of cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries, which he claimed had been “unnecessarily poisoned” by the Trump Administration. The Trump Administration had exposed how the Communist Party of China was using think tanks and other Chinese organizations to promote Chinese propaganda.

China and U.S. had ordered the closing of some consulate offices in both countries.

The U.S. Department of Defense accused some Chinese companies of being controlled by the Chinese Army, the Trump Administration called out the Chinese government of withholding crucial information about COVID-19 in the early stages of the pandemic, and also called China out for the human rights violations of Muslim minorities of the northwestern region of China’s Xinjiang, among other conflicts,

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