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China’s Shady Vaccines: A Strategic Source of Power and Global Influence

China's Shady Vaccines: A Strategic Source of Power and Global Influence - El American

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How did the Wuhan virus spread throughout the world and not where it originally emerged, China, where not a single case has been reported in Beijing and Shanghai?

Another question remains unanswered: why did China come to be the world’s largest manufacturer of two COVID vaccines, Sinopharm and Sinovac, and yet only less than 2% of its population has been vaccinated?

Evidently, Xi Jinping’s communist government goes against the logic of any government, i.e. it prefers to sell its vaccines abroad rather than vaccinate its own people, which leads to another question: who really benefits from these vaccines? The answer is simple and is confirmed by E. Londoño and L. Casado in The New York Times: “Thanks to its vaccines, China’s influence grows in Latin American countries.”

A couple of examples illustrate how the communist government in Beijing has used the global pandemic to strengthen its interests in its race to become the greatest global hegemonic power. The first of these was in Brazil, where China managed to get President Bolsonaro to give way to the telecommunications giant Huawei and develop its 5G project in exchange for the help of its executives so that the Amazonian country could obtain the longed-for vaccines.

Another really significant case is found in Paraguay, the only country in South America that has diplomatic relations with Taiwan and where China could again put strong pressure on the government of Asuncion, according to ABC Color (2021) – local Paraguayan newspaper – “What has worried Washington D.C. is an alleged insinuation by mainland China to Paraguay to break diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan) in exchange for the immediate shipment of vaccines against COVID-19”.

Now, from the geostrategic arena exploited by Xi Jinping in the context of the pandemic, which was initially based on masks and now on vaccines, it is worth asking how effective are these Chinese vaccines against the Wuhan virus?

This makes it necessary to briefly review the brand new Chinese vaccines, of which there are three: Sinopharm with “Vero”, Sinovac with the so-called “CoronaVac” and, finally, CanSino Biologics with the so-called “Ad5-nCoV” in the last phase of clinical trials. CoronaVac is the vaccine that the World Health Organization (WHO) has accepted as part of its COVAX program, citing its logistical versatility, unlike the Pfizer vaccine, which requires ultra-freezing. However, it should be noted that according to the prestigious Butantan Institute of Brazil, CoronaVac is only 50.38% effective.

More doubts are added to the Chinese vaccines, since health authorities in Peru suspended the use of Vero after a patient experienced paralysis in his arms. Japan also rejected CoronaVac for the Olympic Games, claiming that they do not want to promote it to the participants.

There are even some more alarming cases, such as the 75-year-old woman who died 15 minutes after being inoculated with CoronaVac in Hidalgo, Mexico, according to Forbes. Likewise, Bloomberg Asia reported on its Twitter account that in Hong Kong 3 deaths were reported after being vaccinated with the SinoVac. However, the big media corporations have massified the news of the 3 deaths allegedly linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, but not with the Chinese ones.

To close, all these data show that the Chinese vaccines are covered by a heavy mantle of doubts, which is why they were not approved for use in the United States or Europe, which forces a serious evaluation of their use in Latin American countries.

Finally, everything indicates that the big winner in this pandemic context has been communist China, which not only benefits from the vaccine trade, but also allows it to use them as a powerful and effective tool in the conquest of its strategic objectives, ergo, China as a great global hegemonic power, will devour the values and culture of the free world.

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