Chingo Bling Shows How Hollywood is Only Friendly if You Are Liberal

Chingo Bling is paying the price for not adhering to Hollywood’s leftist group think

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A few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to interview Chingo Bling, a comedian and musician very well known in Texas and nationally for a comedy series he did on Netflix that specifically targeted Hispanic Americans. It is no surprise that immigration was one of the biggest topics of this show… but for Chingo, something had changed.

He realized that he had been brought onto promote a narrative that he no longer believed. Like many Hispanic Americans, to include myself, we had blindly trusted the media. That same media, that in an effort to sway the 2016 and 2020 election cycle (in favor of Democrats), failed to show the American people what was actually happening at the Southern Border. 

Chingo Bling decided to come out in favor of Donald Trump’s immigration policies. He realized that he had been lied to and that those policies were in place to protect people… not harm them. Fast forward to currently, Biden has not only continued wall construction but is now responsible for the largest influx in illegal immigration in the last four years.

Some may argue that it’s not his fault. Much of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s campaign platform encouraged illegal immigration via offering incentives for those who are here illegally in addition to promoting the open border messaging and making false statements about the true intentions behind a border wall which were, to curb illegal immigration, cut drug running, & cut human trafficking. 

You would figure that Hollywood would embrace Chingo for thinking on his own but no, they rejected him and that’s to be expected. You see, in Hollywood, you are only accepted if you go with their progressive agenda and for people like Chingo, if he couldn’t parrot their talking points, he was no longer usable to them. So, they tried to cancel him. 

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Chingo has not given up. He has his own podcast and has become very active in the conservative movement going on tour talking about not only his story, but how he woke up and although Hollywood rejected him, he definitely has a place in conservative media and we look forward to watching him grow. 

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