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Chris Cuomo Reportedly ‘Attacked’ Journalist for Refusing Sex Before CNN Fired Him

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Chris Cuomo, the disgraced former CNN anchor and brother of former (equally disgraced) NY Gov. Chris Cuomo allegedly attacked a temporary ABC News contributor after she refused to have sex with the host during a lunch in his office. The incident allegedly led to his dismissal.

According to a report by The New York Times, CNN lawyers reportedly received the formal accusation a few hours after Cuomo was suspended in December for advising his brother, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo, on how to dodge sexual harassment allegations against him.

The “torment” of the Cuomo brothers

Cuomo, 51, reportedly invited the young journalist to lunch at his office in 2011 to offer her “advice” and help her get a full-time job at the network. Upon entering the office, there was no food, but rather a sexual invitation from the anchor, which she immediately refused.

The report indicates that years later, amid the public accusations of the #MeToo movement, the anchor reportedly contacted the alleged victim to prepare a piece about who her employer was at the time. The woman took this encounter as an attempt by Cuomo to “test the waters” and persuade her not to make a complaint against him.

While the host was on suspension, the alleged victim showed up at the leftist network’s offices to make the accusation, which resulted in Cuomo’s final firing a few days later.

In the NYT report, attorney Debra Katz said the woman was upset by the similarities between the cases of both brothers, who were facing similar allegations at the same time.

The alleged victim, whose accusations are backed by co-workers and multiple friends, also said she found herself “haunted” by the similarities between her case and that of the women who accused former Gov. Cuomo.

In Katz’s letter to CNN, she said the woman was “deeply traumatized” and preferred anonymity to avoid an “internecine war” at the network.

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