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NY AG: Chris Cuomo Used Influence to Aid Brother Deal with Harassment Allegations

Chris Cuomo, CNN, WaPo, Weplen

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Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, used his influence in the media to help his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, to face the accusations against him for alleged sexual harassment. This was revealed in a document from the NY Attorney General’s Office.

Chris Cuomo kept in touch with the former Democratic governor’s aide, Melissa DeRosa, to whom he would tell if there was any information in the media about his brother’s scandal.

 “Chris Cuomo disclosed to investigators that he reached out to journalist Ronan Farrow’s associates for updates on his preparation of a complaint of the governor’s sexual misdeeds. Despite insisting that it was only communications,” reported the National Review. 

There were several exchanges of information between Chris Cuomo and DeRosa. For example, the media outlet explained that “on March 15, DeRosa asked if the talking head had obtained any information about Farrow’s project, to which Chris Cuomo said the reporter was still working on it, according to text messages released by state investigators.”

However, this is not the first time there has been talk about how Andrew Cuomo’s brother Andrew Cuomo has used his influence in the media to cover it up. In February, El American published an article about irregular acts committed by Chris at CNN during the coverage of the then-governor. 

“CNN covered, with Chris Cuomo’s presentation, much of the news related to the New York governor on a program called Cuomo Prime Time,” the article stated.

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