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Christina Pushaw, New DeSantis Press Secretary: ‘I Want To Make Sure Everyone Gets the Facts’

Christina Pushaw

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On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tapped conservative journalist and broadcaster Christina Pushaw as his new press secretary.

Pushaw was born in California and began a career in communications after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Southern California. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

The new press secretary said in an exclusive statement to El American that her goal is to show what Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has achieved in the sunshine state. She argued that, in her opinion, DeSantis has demonstrated great leadership for all Americans.

In addition, he noted that the measures DeSantis has taken in the state to address the COVID-19 pandemic stand in stark contrast to those states that maintain restrictions, such as his native California.

“Like thousands of other Americans from all over the country, especially from lockdown states, I came to Florida this year because of Governor DeSantis’ leadership. He has followed the science throughout the pandemic, saving lives, but also saving small businesses, keeping kids in school and thriving, and respecting the rights of all Floridians,” she highlighted.

Another goal for Christina Pushaw

In addition to her work in freelance journalism, she worked with conservative organizations in Washington D.C. In her statement to El American, Pushaw referred to the allegations of censorship and misinformation that Governor DeSantis has denounced in several media outlets.

Christina Pushaw dijo que quiere desmontar las narrativas contra DeSantis Flickr
Christina Pushaw said she wants to take down narratives against DeSantis (Flickr)

“I do not believe any other Governor has faced this kind of scrutiny, and scrutiny is expected for all politicians, but when the media simply fabricates or repeats baseless allegations, it’s just eroding public trust in media for good reason,” said Pushaw.

As such, she is certain that her work will also be aimed at dismantling what she described as false narratives. “So that’s a goal for me too – to push back against false and distorted narratives, which are all too common these days, in the media’s coverage of Gov DeSantis. With our great team at the governor’s office, I want to make sure everyone gets the facts, not only the narratives,” she said to El American.

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