Palm Springs to Hand Cash to LGBT Residents Regardless of Income

A whopping $200,000 of tax-payer money has been allocated for trans and non-binary people, who reportedly face disproportionate levels of discrimination

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The Palm Springs City Council in California unanimously approved a request from local nonprofit DAP Health and Queer Works organizations for $200,000 in funding to support the initial research and design of a guaranteed income pilot program for non-binary transgender residents.

The city of California will give money to LGBTQ residents, regardless of their income.

DAP Health detailed that the goal of the pilot program will be to provide direct financial assistance to people qualified as “marginalized” for a likely 18-month period. “The current state budget includes $35 million in funding for guaranteed income pilot programs. The California Department of Social Services is in the process of finalizing their funding criteria.”

“Is expected to issue their formal request for applications in the next several months. They have preliminarily indicated that a 50% funding match from other donors will be required,” the organization said.

Finally, the organization said that while the research and design phase of this pilot is in the beginning phase and most of the details have yet to be determined, DAP Health and Queer Works have already stated their intention to prioritize support for local people who are transgender and non-binary.

“Trans and Non-Binary are highly marginalized in our society in general, especially economically,” said Jacob Rostowsky, CEO of Queer Works.

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