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CNN Analyst Foolishly Blames Trump for Will Smith’s Slap at Rock

CNN, El American

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This Sunday, the Academy Awards ceremony was the scene of a violent encounter between actor Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock, who was hosting the televised event after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife.

For CNN Analyst and former FBI agent, Asha Rangappa, the fact that the audience did not react exalted to the slap Smith gave Rock could be due to the “normalization” of former President Donald Trump.

Following the event at the Oscars, amid the barrage of reactions on social media, Rangappa turn to Twitter to offer her opinion: “So, did like anyone walk out after that happened?” the analyst tweeted, referring to the audience at the event. “Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how Trump got normalized?” she continued.

That Rangappa suggested that the event at the Oscars had anything to do with Trump was enough to make her the target of relentless taunts on social media.

“We should do a psychological case study on everyone who works for CNN,” was one of the comments. “Primarily to determine how much self-loathing you must possess in order to work for CNN.”

“Ma’am, have you ever considered that maybe it´s you who needs therapy?” tweeted another user who received more than 1,000 likes.

“‘Hmm… How can I make this incident about Trump?’ Asha wonders aloud,” another user answered.

Following the barrage of responses scoffing at the suggestion, Rangappa was quick to blame the conservative media Breitbart for the mentions and denounced receiving “hate mail from MAGA” for her tweet.

“The sad part is that they are so stupid they don’t realize I’m not comparing Smith to Trump, I’m comparing the audience to them” [Trump supporters], the former agent tweeted.

CNN, Trump and credibility

CNN has been under the scrutiny of the American audience following a series of scandals in which the leftist network has been involved. One of its technical directors confessed last year that they fabricated stories to damage the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.

Then, earlier this year, Chris Cuomo starred in one such scandal and dragged with him the network’s now former president, Jeff Zucker, and his partner Allison Gollust, the former executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

Shortly after it became known that CNN lost more than 80% of its audience, tycoon John Malone, one of the main shareholders of Discovery Inc. (about to take over the network and its parent company, WarnerMedia) said he hopes the liberal TV station “will return to real journalism”.

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