CNN Changes Management in Attempt to Revive Its Low Ratings

One industry executive, who worked as a producer at CNN, told Fox News that the damage Zucker did to the brand is “deep and permanent”

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CNN is in the process of changing its direction and leadership amid a rating slump. CNN’s former president, Jeff Zucker, resigned more than a month ago and, according to reports, his replacement, Chris Licht, is not expected to take over the network until at least April 11.

In the midst of the crisis, the channel has initiated projects in an attempt to win back audiences. However, former employees of the company claim that the efforts have not been enough. For example, an industry executive, who worked as a producer at CNN, told Fox News that the damage Zucker did to the brand is “deep and permanent”.

The producer, whose name was not disclosed, noted that the situation arose after the former president pushed the network, which he said was once nonpartisan, to the left. He further alleged that Zucker made decisions to affect former President Donald Trump.

“It’s a sorry state of affairs that when CNN should be shining for its Ukraine coverage, it instead is mired in the embarrassing launch of a suboptimal product like CNN+,” the former employee said.

CNN’s audience

Fox News also detailed that, on Tuesday, it obtained CNN’s ratings for the first quarter of 2022 and the most-watched program was “’Anderson Cooper 360′, which averaged one million nightly viewers to settle for No. 22 among cable news programs.”

“CNN’s highest-rated show, ‘AC 360’, finished behind 15 Fox News and six MSNBC offerings despite much of the final month of the quarter occurring as the network received a significant boost as Cooper reported from Ukraine.” Fox reviewed.

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It further explains that, “CNN+ launched this week with little fanfare and is already being nitpicked for relying on paid subscribers when the basic cable version of CNN has a hard time attracting an audience.”

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