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CNN Defends Genocide and Human Rights Violations of Chavismo in Venezuela


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For people who are moderately informed about international political developments, it may seem logical to say that CNN is defending Chavismo, given its history of complicity with left-wing totalitarian regimes, as is the case with the Cuban regimen in recent decades. However, a large majority of individuals, confused and inundated by media with a progressive tendency, are unable to see what is so remarkable in plain sight.

Today CNN published an opinion article signed by Argentinean Pedro Brieger called “A magnifying glass on the elections in Venezuela“, in which he affirms, among other things, that: “Since Hugo Chávez won the presidency in 1998, his detractors have tried to overthrow Chavismo by force, boycotting the institutions and even naming a president in charge recognized by numerous countries”.

In addition to this, the author takes data out of context to justify the low participation in Chavism’s latest electoral farce, comparing the electoral procedures of democratic countries like the United States, Chile and France, with those of the Venezuelan tyranny, systematically ignoring the hundreds of political prisoners that Chavism has had, the thousands of politically motivated detentions, the opposition candidates imprisoned, tried or disqualified, in addition to the hundreds of murders that have occurred in protests over the last few years; This, in addition to “forgetting” to mention that currently in Venezuela 96% of the population lives in general poverty thanks to socialist economic policies, while the leaders of the regime have properties in the world for millions of dollars, and finally, without mentioning that thanks to the persecution of dissidents and hunger to which Chavismo has subjected Venezuelans, more than five million citizens have migrated from the country to try to survive.

All these systematic abuses of human rights are not only sufficiently documented by the press, including international organisms, the same UN Commission on Human Rights commanded by Michelle Bachelet of clear leftist tendency has raised reports on the death squads that exist in Venezuela and the lack of constitutional and democratic guarantees; even so, the media based in the United States did not care to publish a text for millions of viewers that tries to sanitize the image of Chavismo.

The simple fact of giving a tribune to a defender of Chavism’s murderous revolution is a gigantic lack of integrity and respect with millions of Venezuelans who have lost their families, homes, jobs and even their lives, due to the totalitarianism commanded by Nicolás Maduro. Adding the label that “the opinions expressed here are exclusive to the author” does not exempt them from responsibility; one thing is the debate of ideas that allows the media to offer its spaces to writers with diverse ideological, economic and political positions, and another very different thing is to lend its multitudinous communication channels to defend a criminal group that has the blood of thousands of Venezuelans on its hands.

How would the Jews feel if today opinion pieces appeared in newspapers and media with international diffusion in which they defend the process of Hitler and accuse the allies of being coup leaders or of boycotting the genocidal monster?

I do not intend to demand anything from networks like CNN, I have been very clear for a long time about whose side they are on, this writing is for the readers, so that they open their eyes, so that they stop seeing their disinformation and consume their products that make fun of the misfortune and tragedy of millions of people.

Defenders of genocide and human rights abusers do not deserve the audience and the favor of crowds; no matter what country you are from, and no matter what your ideological beliefs, we must agree that there should be no room for those who use power to murder and destroy the opposite, and no room for those who implicitly support totalitarian agendas.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American

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