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Colombia Elections: Democracy v. Narco-Socialism | Lo Que Importa

Elecciones en Colombia: democracia vs. régimen narcosocialista | Lo Que Importa

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In this edition of Lo Que Importa podcast, our editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, dedicated the entire segment to analyzing the possible results of the presidential election that will take place in Colombia this coming Sunday, June 19, in which the far-left candidate, Gustavo Petro, and the centrist Rodolfo Hernández will compete for the future of the country.

According to Vallejo, the upcoming elections will not only be about choosing between one candidate or another, but Colombians will have to decide between continuing to live in a democracy or allowing a narco-socialist regime to be established under Petro’s leadership.

“This is not a choice between the left and another model that is a little bit more to the right,” Vallejo said. “What is going to happen this weekend in Colombia is a choice between democracy and the establishment of a regime that we don’t know when it will leave power.”

Some people say that Rodolfo Hernandez’s candidacy could be a shot in the dark, considering that Colombians of all political views will entrust him with their vote to prevent Petro from winning, but, according to Vallejo, the leftist’s candidacy represents “a shot in the head” for Colombia.

A Petro’s government, which is backed by Latin American dictatorships and has ties to Venezuelan leaders belonging to the “Cartel of the Suns”, would have a devastating effect on the region. The socialist candidate maintained a friendly relationship with Venezuela’s late tyrant Hugo Chavez.

In addition, Petro’s campaign has appealed to criminals and drug traffickers imprisoned in Colombia who are in the process of being extradited, promising them non-extradition in exchange for votes.

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