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Colombia Is the Crown Jewel that Communists Want to Steal: Rep. María Elvira Salazar

Maria Salazar, El American

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Republican Congress members Rick Scott, Carlos Giménez, and Maria Elvira Salazar met in Miami to discuss the dangers that Colombia is facing in the upcoming presidential elections and how the U.S. government can contribute to maintaining democracy and peace in the South American country.

Representative Salazar has managed to lead a strong and increasingly visible team of legislators concerned about the advance of socialism in Latin America and how that situation affects the United States. This time, Salazar took the opportunity to recall who Gustavo Petro is and the danger he poses to Colombia and the whole region.

“We are all very concerned because we know that Colombia is the crown jewel. The jewel that the communists in the hemisphere want to steal. Specifically, Nicolás Maduro from Venezuela,” said the congresswoman. For Salazar, Colombians are possibly facing the “greatest danger” the country has faced in modern history.

Salazar repeated the description of Gustavo Petro that a few months ago made her gain popularity among the Colombian public, which is terrified by the popularity of the former guerrilla fighter in the polls for the coming presidential elections.

“Petro is a thief, a terrorist and a Marxist. For those reasons Colombians cannot allow him to become president. It is not possible that a guy who has those characteristics is leading the polls”.

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar

Finally, she reaffirmed his commitment to the defense of democracy in the whole continent, assuring that “in the Foreign Relations Committee we are speaking very loudly, we are telling President Biden’s administration about all of this, and we are telling the rest of our Latin American brothers that communism is threatening us and the biggest threat at this moment is in Colombia”.

Senator Rick Scott also warned about the danger posed by Gustavo Petro, whom he referred to as an “extreme left-wing socialist candidate”. The senator assured that Colombia is the strongest democratic ally of the United States in the region in the defense of democracy and peace and that the U.S. cannot stand idly by while communist dictatorships destabilize the region.

Colombia Is the Crown Jewel that Communists Want to Steal: Rep. María Elvira Salazar
Senator Rick Scott together with Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar. (Facebook)

“The attacks and violence suffered by Colombia are written by Cuba and Venezuela, we cannot allow this to happen anymore; where is Joe Biden? Instead of joining the fight for peace and stability in the hemisphere, he removed the FARC from the list of terrorist organizations,” said the Senator, “Biden does not care about Latin America,” he concluded.

Rep. Carlos Giménez also expressed his concern about what may happen in the Colombian elections and the lack of interest that the Biden administration seems to have in the region.

“This administration needs to start focusing on Latin America. Colombia can follow in the footsteps of Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other countries. The United States has to be the light and the nation that will always defend human rights and it is unfortunate that President Biden has never given any kind of action or focus to what is happening in South America,” Giménez said.

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