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Colombia on the Verge of Being Taken Over by the Far Left – Lo Que Importa

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In the latest installment of Lo Que Importa, our co-editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, spoke with Colombian political scientist and analyst, Santiago Castro, to analyze the chances of far-left candidate, Gustavo Petro, winning Colombia’s presidential elections.

In a scenario in which national polls benefit Petro, Castro said he was “very concerned” about the leftist candidate’s past in the Colombian guerrilla and his long history of trying to reach the presidency, allying himself with criminal groups.

Another thing that worries Castro is that, so far, the alternative has not managed to build a sufficiently striking proposal to confront Petro’s candidacy.

“We have not managed to articulate a sufficiently clear and concrete proposal that confronts the theses of the Historical Pact for Colombia,” Castro said regarding those who oppose the leftist candidate. “Then, you see a Petro who is a great speaker in the public square (not so much in smaller scenarios), we see a person who knows how to debate, who is very clear that a campaign must be filled with emotions.”

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