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Colombia’s Leftist President-elect Announces Indoctrination Centers, As Venezuela’s Chávez Did

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Colombia’s President-elect Gustavo Petro announced this Wednesday his intentions to initiate the creation of indoctrination centers, as Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. Petro plans to do it through schools and universities, just like Chavismo.

“I ask the mayors and governors of the country to enlist lots with sanitized titles to build the university headquarters and colleges universities that will support the infrastructure of a knowledge society,” Petro wrote on Twitter.

Petro’s request, similar to Chávez’s, was not the only announcement that generated the reaction of political factors. Today, Colombia’s new president also reported that he talked with Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship to coordinate what he described as the reopening of the border.

“I have communicated with the Venezuelan government to open the borders and reestablish the full exercise of human rights on the border,” Petro assured on the same social network.

In response to Petro’s comments, the outgoing president, Iván Duque, recalled that the border with Venezuela is open. Duque took the opportunity to explain that the new government should take distance from Nicolás Maduro’s regime, a move that would allow members of terrorist groups to be on its territory.

“That especially on the Venezuelan side there is no collusion with terrorism because there are ‘Pablito’, ‘Antonio García’ and ‘Iván Márquez’,” Duque stressed to the media.

Chávez’s indoctrination in schools

In 2007, a report by ABC of Spain denounced Chavism’s strategy to indoctrinate Venezuelan children in schools. At that time, the newspaper detailed that through snacks, socialist ideology was imposed on minors.

“The indoctrination in public schools and institutes goes beyond the innocent Chavista snacks. In fact, the first day of class is dedicated by teachers sympathetic to the regime to praise the president and his works as well as social programs. An example is the English classes, whose first words they learn to say are: ‘My president is Chávez,’” reports the journalistic work entitled “Chávez indoctrinates school children in socialism even at snack time.”

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