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Colombians Outraged by FIU Invitation to Gustavo Petro

Gustavo Petro, El American

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Florida International University will organize a forum whose star guests will be the president of Colombia Gustavo Petro and his wife, Veronica Alcocer. The university’s initiative has not been welcomed by the Hispanic community, as many among them have come to this country fleeing the nefarious economic policies of the left and the violence generated by terrorist groups such as the M-19, to which Gustavo Petro belonged.

Florida has become a state that stands out for its rejection of socialist ideas, and that is largely thanks to the millions of Hispanic immigrants who know very well the disastrous consequences of leftist policies. The Colombian community is important, thousands of Colombians arrived in this country in the nineties fleeing violence, kidnappings, and assassinations by drug trafficking and terrorist groups such as the various leftist guerrillas.

It is hardly normal that today when a university that receives taxpayer funds decides to invite Gustavo Petro, who belonged to a guerrilla group guilty of one of the most tragic terrorist acts in the history of Colombia and who represents the most extreme leftist ideas, thousands of Colombians in Florida feel offended.

El American learned that a letter signed by some legislators is being prepared, in which they explain to the University of Florida why it is an offense to the Colombian community that Gustavo Petro is invited to such an invitation.

Cesar Grajales, Colombian political analyst, told us in this regard: “The taxpayers of Florida contribute to education through FIU, and we won’t allow our taxes to finance the indoctrination of young people with socialist and communist ideas.”


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