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Colombians Send a Letter to European Parliament: “Do Not Support Forces that Want to Destroy Democracy”

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Several Colombian personalities, some of them living in Europe, sent a letter to the European Parliament asking the organization to stop supporting the forces that want to destroy Colombia’s democracy.

In the letter, to which El American had access, the signatories insist that Colombians, in their history of more than 200 years of republican life, have never allowed the will of the violent to be imposed.

“As good citizens, we urge international organizations and, in particular, the European Parliament, to acquire an accurate knowledge of what is happening in Colombia, in view of the fact that enormous lies are circulating in social media and in certain press that publishes, without verifying, the information it receives from heterogeneous sources”, says the document.

They ask the visit of the European Parliament

They ask the organization to visit the cities most affected by acts of violence. They also indicate that all acts of vandalism must face justice and therefore rejected the attempt to overthrow democratically elected authorities.

“We urge the European Union and, in particular, the European Parliament, to visit the most affected cities and regions, such as Bogota, Cali, Medellin and others, which are under siege by irregular and armed forces.”

They also defended the work done by the security forces to maintain public order. “We are convinced that the Colombian public force is fulfilling the duty dictated by the political Constitution and is defending the rule of law in the face of the subversive threat hanging over the cities and the population.”

They detailed that the protest marches lost their objective and degenerated into massive and illegal acts of destruction that caused more than 1,500 wounded and a score of dead.

“Colombia needs the international community and, in particular, the European Parliament, to study urgently and with great seriousness the details of the situation in Colombia and to support, firmly and consistently, the democratic institutions and the Colombian civil society, strongly repudiating the violence of the groups that are bloodying the country”.

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