Colombia’s Fake Peace

Peace was a mere show orchestrated by the international left to launder the criminals of the FARC and guarantee the operation and profit of the mafias

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Undoubtedly, one of the great lies not only of former President Juan Manuel Santos but also of the entire international left, was the mega-media show with the Nobel Peace Prize included, of the peace between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian State.

Let’s not forget that all this great theater took place during the Santos presidency, the intervention of the great peace experts from Norway (the so-called “peaceologists” or progressives) and the inevitable narco-communist government of Raul Castro in Cuba that placed Havana as the venue for the “dialogues”.

Finally, in the beautiful city of Cartagena, in September 2016, the Peace Agreement was signed. In theory, it would put an end to the historic and bloody armed conflict, which, to enter into force had to be approved in a referendum. In October of the same year, the referendum on the peace agreements took place, with the “No” vote winning with 50.21% over the “Yes” vote, which obtained 49.79%.

Phony Santos, regardless of the results of the referendum, implemented the peace agreements, which were severely questioned due to the mantle of impunity that covered the FARC narco-guerrillas. Moreover, there were serious doubts that there would be no real peace in Colombia given the fragmented and heterogeneous composition of the FARC itself, whose fronts did not all respond to the leadership of “Timochenko” (Rodrigo Londoño), as well as the false intentions of the signers.

Shortly after the botched peace agreement, “El Guacho” (Walter Arizala), commander of the FARC’s Pacific Front, captured and murdered an Ecuadorian journalistic team. Later, Jesús Santrich (Seuxis Hernández) participated in an operation to send tons of drugs to America and ended up fleeing along with his comrade Iván Márquez (Luciano Marín). Both set up FARC camps in the southwest of Venezuela under the complacent gaze of their business partner Nicolás Maduro’s narco-tyranny.

The evidence is conclusive, there has never been peace in Colombia. The agreements signed during the Santos administration were a fiasco and an outrage to the popular will expressed in the plebiscite and what is worse, the FARC continues to be a transnational organized crime group linked to drug trafficking, with all that this means.

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Peace was a mere show orchestrated by the international left to launder the criminals of the FARC and guarantee the operation and profit of the mafias.

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