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Columbia University Segregates Grad Ceremonies by Race, Sexual Orientation and Income

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Columbia University confirmed on its website that it will host a series of “Multicultural Graduations” based on the races, ethnicities, and incomes of the graduates. This is in addition to the general ceremony that will take place on April 30.

“In honor of Columbia’s diverse student community and as a complement to the school-wide and University-wide graduation ceremonies, we are proud to also offer Multicultural Graduation Celebrations, which provide a more intimate setting for students who self-identify in a variety of ways,” Columbia University explains on its website. “These events invite community members to reflect on personal growth and community experiences that have impacted their time as students through graduation. All students are invited to participate in these celebrations.”

The college is also organizing awards or recognitions called the “2021 Multicultural Affairs Graduation Cords.”

“The Multicultural Affairs Graduation Cords are presented to graduating seniors from Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the School of General Studies who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to inclusion, global diversity, social justice and multiculturalism through Multicultural Affairs, campus leadership, activism, community engagement, academic endeavors and/or personal dedication,” Columbia University explained about the cords.

“The graduation cords worn at the various commencement ceremonies are also a powerful visual symbol of our new graduates’ continued commitment as alumni to continue and share the office’s mission of supporting personal development, promoting strength within communities, recognizing diversity in different aspects of their lives, working for social justice, honoring our different and interconnected legacies of struggle and survival, and building meaningful coalitions, across different identities,” they added to the explanation.

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The University calendar indicates the general graduation day, the six multicultural graduations and when the “Cordon Ceremony” is.

This Cordon Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 16, and nine days later, the “Native Graduation” is scheduled for April 25. The following day is “Lavender Graduation”, for people who belong to the LGBT community. While on the 27th of the same month, there are two graduations: one for Asians, in the morning, and another in the evening, called “FLI Graduation” which, according to Fox News, is for the “first-generation and/or the low-income community”.

A graduation for Latinos or, as Columbia University prefers to call Latin Americans, complying with inclusive language standards, “Latinx,” is scheduled for April 29.

And finally, on Friday, April 30, the “Black Graduation” is scheduled for Friday, April 30. That is, the event for African-Americans.

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