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Rep. Comer: Biden Family Benefited from Biz Dealings with China, Russia, and Ukraine

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During a conversation with NewsMax, Congressman James Comer assured the Biden family has benefited from the influence of President Joe Biden during his political career as a senator, vice president, and now president of the United States.

Comer explained that if Republicans win the House, the Oversight Committee will investigate everything. “We’re talking about Russia, Ukraine, China, and potentially some countries in the Middle East. “You’re going to see the Republicans hold very transparent hearings,” Comer said.

James Comer on Democrats

Comer also explained that, in his opinion, President Joe Biden would not win the presidential elections. He maintained that the Democratic Party knew that Biden’s policies would affect them in the mid-term elections.

“They realize that Joe Biden’s policies are going to cost them dearly in the midterms. They are going to cost them the House majority, probably the Senate majority, and they want to change horses in 2024,” he commented.