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‘Chinese Communism is the World’s Gravest Threat’: An Interview with Frances Martel

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The Chinese Communist Party represents a danger and a threat to the free world. Its political influence in global institutions, its commercial relations with ultra-influential multinational companies, its links with other regimes around the world, and its interference in various regions of the planet make it an economic and geopolitical superpower.

To delve deeper into this vitally important issue, El American spoke with Frances Martel, International Editor at Breitbart News. Martel sharply takes a swipe at the Chinese regime for its systematic human rights violations and abuses but also points out underlying issues, such as the Chinese regime’s penetration of Western culture.

Full interview with Frances Martel

Martel explained how she expects the Biden administration to deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), especially after his unfortunate comments on the persecution of the Uyghur people. Biden “justified” the regime’s persecution of the Uighurs, she argued, “which is a very embarrassing thing because his own administration had said that what China is doing against the Uighur people is genocide.”

China’s growth has been largely due to its embrace of the benefits of the free market. But the Chinese regime only contracted the benefits, not its rules. In China, there is no respect for human rights, there is no free competition, workers are indiscriminately exploited, the state apparatus controls much of the economy, and it is virtually impossible not to prosper entrepreneurially if you are not in tune with the Chinese Communist Party.

“I want to emphasize this point,” Martel explains, “It’s not just alliances with the big companies, China is communist, there is a movement that sometimes defines itself as libertarian, but it’s leftist, that says China is capitalist because there are private companies in China.”

“This is not true. The owners of private companies in China are members of the Chinese Communist Party; the former leader of Alibaba, Jack Ma, is openly a member of the CCP, and he was disappeared for criticizing the party and for having ambitions of being a dictator himself,” she continued. “That’s not a private company, if all the people who own and control those companies are members of the Chinese Communist Party, it’s not privatization.”

Multinational companies that want to exploit China’s large market also must be friendly with the Chinese Communist Party. So do global organizations. This is what is happening with Disney. To shoot its movie Mulan, it used the mountains of the Xinjiang region, where the regime perpetrates a cruel genocide and systematic persecution against the Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority.

Frances Martel - China - Uyghur - El American
Amsterdam (Netherlands), 29/12/2019.- Members of the Uighur community and sympathizers demonstrate on the Dam square in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 29 December 2019. They are campaigning against what they see as the oppression of the Uighurs in China by the government of that country. (Protestas, Países Bajos; Holanda) EFE/EPA/REMKO DE WAAL

Disney not only shot the film in this Chinese region but also thanked the authorities and security forces of the communist regime, in a tacit approval to the horrific persecution of the Uighurs.

“They thanked the Xinjiang police, who are the people who are committing those abuses,” she explained. “And those abuses, which you hear exist, but when you see the details you see that there’s rape, use of electricity, slavery – there are thousands of Uighurs who are forced to work for companies like Nike and Nintendo.

“It’s such a huge problem and the atrocities are so severe that Disney, by thanking the people who are committing the atrocities, is sending a message, even to the children watching the film, of justification for genocide,” she continued. “That’s serious as parents now also have to be vigilant about what companies like Disney are saying. What example will be set for future generations?”

Huawei and the CCP

On the issue of Huawei, Martel said that the Trump administration sanctioned this company, and that she would not be surprised if the Biden administration opens the American market to the Chinese company.

“Huawei, ZTE, and several other Chinese companies that are telecommunications companies have not only contracts inside China where they use that technology to repress their people,” she explained. “They also use them in other places like Africa and Latin America. In Ecuador, it was known that Chinese companies were helping Rafael Correa to repress journalists, in Venezuela, the same was seen, so this is an international problem”.  

Beyond the topics related to the CCP, Martel also discussed issues including sport and culture. For example, how NBA players embrace causes such as “Black Lives Matter,” while ignoring the issue of democracy in Hong Kong. Another example was that of German footballer Mesut Ozil, who was banned from the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) videogame for criticizing the Uyghur genocide at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party and was consequently banned from his former team Arsenal for almost a year for no apparent physical-footballing reasons. Adidas also stopped sponsoring him.

The full conversation can be found on El American’s YouTube channel.

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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