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‘Communism Has Killed More Than Any Other Ideology’: Rep. Mike Waltz

In a press conference, Waltz warned of the deadly dangers of communism, how it subjugates citizens in an attempt to gain endless power, and the implications to the national security of the country

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Congressman Mike Waltz (R-FL) knows all too well what communism is about, how difficult it is to remove from power and the threat communist regimes pose to the national security of the United States. A decorated serviceman, Waltz belonged to the elite U.S. Army’s Green Berets and served in different parts of the world as a Special Forces officer, including Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa. His statements on communism are clear and strong.

“Communism has killed more than any other ideology, communism has killed more than fascism, communism has killed more than imperialism, more than any other form of government,” said Rep. Waltz this week at a press conference introducing the Crucial Communism Teaching Act, which seeks to educate American children in schools about communism’s deadly legacy.

While in the United States one out of every three members of generation Z has a favorable view of communism, members of Congress like Mike Waltz raise their voices to explain what this system is all about. The representative highlighted that communism—in order to be put into practice—must become authoritarianism, which is what has happened historically and will always happen.

Whenever we have a segment of society that learns through blood and through authoritarianism that no matter how hard they work, no matter how hard they sacrifice, what they risk no matter what they do, government will take from them and then you have another segment of society that learns that no matter how little they work government will give to them, that is the death of freedom

Rep.Mike Waltz

The U.S. representative noted that the initiative was long overdue. He recalled that his generation grew up in the Cold War and fully understood the threat that communism poses, but now many people don’t.

“We are in a new cold war with a new communist regime, the Chinese Communist Party. We have to wake up,” said Waltz.

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