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‘Communism Leads to Mass Murder’: Rep. Glenn Grothman

Congresista Glenn Grothman: "El comunismo conduce al asesinato masivo"

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U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) participated this Thursday in a press conference in support of the bill known as the Crucial Communism Teaching Act (CCT), and expressed his concern about the growing number of young Americans who positively evaluate the Marxist ideology that underlies communism.

Grothman noted that one-third of young people in the U.S. “believe that socialism or Marxism is not a bad thing,” which is why he believes it is necessary for “every American child to know what communism is.”

Grothman: “it’s a great sign of danger”

The congressman finds it “very scary” that there are organizations in the United States that “were founded by Marxists” and that receive the support of American representatives in Congress. For him, that is “a great sign of danger.”

One of these signs is, in his opinion, the constant attack on religious institutions. Grothman estimates that communists “don’t like churches, they don’t like God” because they feel that “churches create a moral background” that prevents citizens from becoming murderers.

“After you destroy the churches or take over churches, after you restrict travel, after you restrict the flow of information, finally, in some cases, communism leads to mass murder,” the Republican said.

The congressman believes it is crucial that children be taught “what communism did in countries like Cuba, China, Ukraine, Russia and Cambodia.”

Grothman is one of the 60 co-sponsors of the CCT bill, which was introduced on Thursday before Congress by Cuban-American Representative Maria Elvira Salazar, and seeks to make it mandatory to teach the horrors of communism in American public schools.

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