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How Democrats Lost VA by Endorsing the Critical Race Indoctrination of Schools

neomarxismo, El American


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In recent months, school board meetings have become battlegrounds between concerned parents and elected councilors. It is a bottom-up revolution. The previously silent majority takes the floor and opposes the established power. It is an unintended consequence of lockdowns and restrictions: parents who yesterday were too busy to vote in school board elections have discovered to their amazement what their children are being taught.

Online classes forced them to watch as their children are indoctrinated in communist “woke” theories. They are falsely told that their country and white children are racist, that boys are sexists, and that the Founding Fathers were “worse than Hitler.” Minority children are cruelly taught it is good to be offended and feel victimized and any pushback against these ill-conceived notions would be proof of the alleged sexism and racism

How did communism and Critical Race Theory take over the schools?

The underlying issue is long and complex. There is an elite that supports totalitarian ideologies, including the imposition of socialism in the United States. But the takeover of school boards by the woke left was simple. School boards are important, but few show up for their elections and even fewer parents vote in them. The rest are busy working and raising their children as best they can—especially amidst the unraveling of economic freedom and the Biden-pushed inflation.

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The woke left identified the opportunity to mobilize activists to control school districts by imposing their radical ideologies on children. This tactic worked, but until conservative and moderate parents discovered what their children were being taught. That’s when they revolted, protested, and actively participated in meetings. They are now a decentralized and peaceful national movement, determined to defeat the radical ideological infiltration of the schools.

Terrified by the unexpected democratic participation of parents, the ultra-left wing of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) denounced, without evidence, “threats” and “acts of violence.” Fearing a democratic loss of school boards, they invented a non-existent problem of “safety” of their board members and labeled the right-wing parents as “domestic terrorism.” In fact, AG Garland ordered the FBI to investigate these false threats. However, neither the NSBA nor Garland could cite a single legitimate threat.

Covering up for the rapist

Finally, the woke media had their coveted image of the “domestic terrorist” with the photograph of a white father arrested on June 22 at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting. But, the Daily Wire interviewed Scott Smith revealing his story.

The alleged “domestic terrorist” went to the board to oppose a measure in which children and teens could go to the bathroom or locker room based on their self-perceived gender. Smith had a tragic reason to oppose it, as a teenager in a skirt who self-perceived himself as “gender-fluid” had brutally raped his teenage daughter in the school bathroom.

Counselor Beth Barts claimed that day that “students were not in danger.” Superintendent Scott Ziegler said, “we’ve heard it from several of the people who have weighed in tonight, but the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.” But, the conservative press revealed that he did exist, he had committed another sexual assault at another school and both Counselor Barts and Superintendent Ziegler knew about it. And they covered it up. That night a woman yelled at Smith that her daughter was lying about her rape. Smith flew into a rage and insulted her. He was arrested.

The Battle of Virginia

In the Virginia election, Glenn Youngkin took the side of the concerned parents and Terry McAuliffe took the side of the woke counselors. McAuliffe asserted in a debate that parents had no right to intervene in the content of their children’s education. Youngkin vowed to banish Critical Race and Gender Theory from the schools.

The Republican delivered a crushing defeat to Biden and the Democratic ultra-left by relying on a gigantic conservative movement that is just beginning to wake up.