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Confinements: the Great Scam of 2020 that Favored China

Xi Jinping

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It seems like it happened a thousand years ago, the day they sent the planet to lock themselves up and said the magic solution was to stay home. The emergence of a new virus in China at the beginning of the year – in the official account – but which had been circulating since December 2019 – according to Taiwan – forced countries to take extraordinary measures in an exceptional situation: they closed borders, sent the people to their homes and cut all kinds of social relationships for months. The excuse was, of course, to stop the virus. Who could oppose to that? 

First, it must be clarified, this criticism is not a demonization of quarantines, which are a valid resource to save time in this type of health situation. But in use, how they implemented it and how they sold it communicationally: a solution. They were not, they never were. Now the explanation

Confinements, a product from China and WHO

To speak of confinements as a scam, you have to see them for what they were: a product. And its effective vendors were the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the World Health Organization WHO .

Earlier this year, remember, everyone was on the lookout for what was happening in China. There were rumors of a new virus; but nothing was confirmed. Even on January 14, the WHO announced that Chinese authorities, through a preliminary investigation, determined that there was still no evidence of contagion between people by Coronavirus.  

But there were many alarming controversies and revelations. In June, to cite one example, it was learned that China had retained the “COVID-19” genome and the WHO knew it, but said nothing. According to the Agency AP dozens of interviews, sources, and documents from his research determined that the Chinese regime retained publication of the virus genetic picture for more than a week. This is due to the strong controls exercised by the CCP on information and competence within the health system.

The following is highlighted from the report: “Chinese government laboratories only published the genome after another laboratory published it before authorities on a virologist website on January 11.

Another revelation, this time from the prestigious German magazine  Der Spiegel mentioned  that Xi Jinping asked WHO Director Tedros Adhanom to slow down the warning about the real danger of coronavirus to the entire world. WHO denied the allegations.

Regardless of whether it is true or not, if one goes to the chronology of the WHO line of action, one will find that only on January 13, 2020 was an official case confirmed in Thailand. But since December the island of Taiwan was already alarmed by 12 detected cases, the experience of previous outbreaks, such as that of “SARS”, led them to close their borders and prevent the income of Chinese citizens. Today the Taiwanese island is an example when it comes to virus control.

Western countries, unlike Taiwan – and other Asian countries like South Korea and Japan – followed the recommendations of the WHO, which had notorious links with China and evident interference by the CCP.  

This, although little has been said, was a giant problem. Well, if the WHO did not have something, it was clear communication regarding the virus, they spent all of 2020 falling into direct contradictions. As the first recommendation not to use the face masks and then sending everyone to put them on. Then criticizing countries for closing their borders, “it was an exaggerated measure,” they mentioned. What they never said is that the closure of borders was what saved Taiwan from a rapid proliferation of the virus and that if China had been transparent and sincere, probably many lives would have been saved by better controlling the start of the pandemic.

And we must not forget: The World Health Organization is an agency of the UN.

Countries in South America, such as Paraguay, did not follow the recommendations to the letter of the WHO and managed to stop viral proliferation with a restrictive quarantine for a couple of months, which brought its economic consequences, but without health outbursts. Similarly, the Uruguayan case, which bets its cards on individual responsibility and today is the least affected country at the health level in the region.

The Swedish case is also worth studying, when compared to the rest of Europe, the success is resounding. Not only at the health level, but also economically.

But there were countries like Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and so many others, who strictly followed the recommendation of the confinements: they spent months locked up breaking their economies, generating new poor people, and without controlling cases. However, no one wondered, “And was there no other way? The reality is yes. Smarter and less damaging strategies had to be designed to control the pandemic. Perhaps confinement was indeed a necessary resource, but to save time and strengthen health systems, no more than that. It was never a solution.

Similarly, there were countries that, cavemen, carried out confinement as the only way to stop the expansion of Coronavirus. And this was due to disinformation since Coronavirus was not only exported from China but also its method of dealing with it: authoritarian and restrictive. 

The Chinese Communist Party did not take into account freedom or human rights, but all followed its methodology to the letter. While transparency in the Chinese regime is proven to be nil, many people bought the story that China “overcame the virus”. And this notoriously wasn´t done only by then, they had collaborators in the United Nations. 

For example, in February, the UN news page published: “While China is winning the battle of Coronavirus, the rest of the world is unprepared. Explanations are superfluous. Then, although many do not remember it, on May 1, the newspaper The Washington Post published an editorial revealing that the European Union, specifically Josep Borrell, dismissed a report denouncing a disinformation campaign regarding Coronavirus by Russia and China. 

“China´s coronavirus censorship “, The Washington Post editorial on China and its censorship. Tweet by David Alandete.

In addition to deceiving the world about the danger of the virus, which was what China did at the beginning of 2020, the CCP introduced a “Trojan Horse” to planet Earth with the confinements, since it implemented its authoritarian methods in the West it is simply a mistake, starting with its unverifiable effectiveness and then with mere cultural issues. 

In this sense, Asian culture differs in many forms from the western one, so to make effective decisions one has to, in the first instance, know the idiosyncrasy of its people. In Asia, people are used to going out with a mask, having distanced themselves, and they also have first-rate technology to detect new diseases and monitor contagion cases. In contrast, Latin America, North America, and Europe, they do not have any of these features.

If China and WHO did not have transparency, how come their “good intentions cannot be doubted? especially when one observes the revealing fact that indicates that “of the main economies in the world, the only one that will not enter a recession this year is China,” according to a report by The Economist. 

As if that were not enough, by the end of 2021 it is expected that the main economy of the world, the United States, will not have growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Its economy will stagnate in the same way as the current year. On the other hand, China will grow between 8 and 10%, its main virtue? Exports of masks and medical equipment

Although the United States, thanks to the irreverence and various decisions of the  Trump Administration made the sensible decision not to follow the WHO recommendations, it was too late, because USA already had the virus circulating throughout the country. However, we understand that it could have been apocalyptic if the confinements extended greatly as in Europe. Indeed, the states of the Americas that remained paradoxically closed are those that have the most positive cases for Coronavirus.

Confinement is not the solution to stop the virus.

Another worrying fact is that Europe is in its worst recession since 1929. Recovery will also be remarkably slow. To cite one of the many European examples that were unsuccessful neither in health nor economically, Spain, (the country that has a government alliance between left and extreme left), will suffer the greatest colapse in Europe in the last quarter of the year.

The WHO, after seeing the catastrophic effects of the confinements that they themselves promoted, went out of their way to warm countries to avoid the implementation of confinements to fight the virus. Of course, everyone focused on stopping the infections, but nobody remembered the counterproductive consequences: a disproportionate increase in unemployment, an increase in extreme poverty, long recessions, and bankrupt companies. But most worrying is the growth of Chinese influence in multilateral organizations, as well as their economic potential.

Now that the “second waves” of contagion are approaching in Europe, and the vaccine is not yet there, it is worth remembering that: confinement is a resource, not a solution. Broadly speaking, it could even be considered a great scam that only had the Chinese regime as its main beneficiary. Therefore, the best strategy not only to combat the virus but also its economic effects is to open countries and take other types of measures -such as those implemented by Uruguay- to prevent proliferation and expect an antidote. Everything else is a Chinese tale. 

Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón is a journalist at El American specializing in the areas of American politics and media analysis // Emmanuel Alejandro Rondón es periodista de El American especializado en las áreas de política americana y análisis de medios de comunicación.

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