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Congress Republicans and Democrats Ask Biden for Details of Iran Deal Before Signing It

Congressional Republicans and Democrats ask Biden for Details of Iran Deal before Signing it

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Congress Republicans and Democrats on Thursday asked President Joe Biden not to sign off on any possible nuclear deal with Iran without consulting Congress first.

The letter, signed by 34 Democrats and 16 Republicans, shows their deep concern about multiple provisions that reportedly may be contained in the final language of any agreement with the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

Iran has been negotiating for 16 months with Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and, indirectly, the United States to restore the 2015 nuclear deal, which limited Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions and was abandoned in 2018 by then-President Donald Trump.

The group of parliamentarians, in its note, added that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, directly or indirectly, has killed hundreds of Americans and attacked their bases and allies in the region.

The letter also urged the Democratic leader not to allow Russian President Vladimir Putin, labeled a war criminal, to be the guarantor of that agreement and the keeper of massive quantities of Iran´s enriched uranium.

Therefore, the group of congressmen urged Biden not to sign on to any deal with Iran without first providing Congress with the full text and the text of any similar pact and requested him to give a detailed briefing on the matter.

The European Union presented a “final text” during the latest negotiations in Vienna earlier this month.

Iran sent its considerations on the text on August 16 to the European Union (EU), which acts as an intermediary between Tehran and Washington. The U.S. government responded on August 24 to its demands. The United States is now awaiting a new response from the Iranian government.

Biden pledged in the 2020 election campaign to return to that pact signed in 2015 by the also Democrat Barack Obama.

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