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Congressional Candidate for Texas on Biden’s Ineptness, Open Borders, and the Latino Vote

"Biden no presta atención a lo que ocurre en la frontera sur": candidata por Texas, Cassy García

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Republican Congressional candidate for Texas’ 28th district, Cassy Garcia, spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, El American’s Chief Correspondent, about the proposals she would bring to the House of Representatives if elected.

The main reason for her candidacy, according to Cassy Garcia, is the frustration she feels with what is happening on the southern border. In her view, the Democratic administration’s “failed policies” regarding the border conflict are directly “affecting families” in her district.

“We want strong and secure borders,” says Garcia, who was born and raised in the border city of Rio Grande. “It’s hard to see that the Biden administration is not paying attention to what’s happening on the southern border, and that’s impacting communities, which don’t have the resources to provide housing for these migrants after they are released from Border Patrol custody.”


The Republican candidate wants to take back Texas

Garcia is pleased to see that she is not the only Latina and Republican contender in her district and that more and more GOP candidates are vying to represent the Hispanic community in Texas, which she believes has been dominated by the Democratic Party for more than 100 years.

“We are the party of faith, family and freedom,” Garcia said of it. “It’s great to see that energy, that excitement, because we’re ready to pay attention to the voters who the Democrats have ignored for so long.”

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This race is then, Garcia thinks, a new opportunity to “educate voters” about the values that make them conservative and Republican, which are the same values that explain their concern for the country.

“We, as Hispanics, want a strong and secure border, we want to celebrate legal immigration, not illegal immigration, and that’s why I’m in this fight,” Garcia said.

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