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GOP Report Provides New Details on Potential COVID Leak at Wuhan Lab

The report argues that the Wuhan researchers may have genetically engineered COVID-19

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A new U.S. Congressional report written by its GOP members revealed that prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) requested a budget to renovate the air safety and waste treatment systems for the research facilities from which the virus that caused the pandemic may have escaped.

The request causes suspicion because these facilities were only two years old, so “such a significant renovation so soon seems unusual.”

The projects for air disinfection, hazardous waste and central air conditioning systems “all raise questions about how well these systems were functioning in the months prior to the outbreak of COVID-19,” notes the congressional report accessed by Fox News.

Using project announcements posted on the Chinese regime’s procurement website, along with other open-source data, as well as interviews with former administration officials and scientists, research articles and international press reports, the Republican congressmen on the Foreign Affairs Committee assert that the virus escaped from WIV “sometime prior to September 12, 2019.”

The GOP congressmen argue that Wuhan researchers may have genetically engineered the virus and that “the preponderance of evidence suggests SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released from a Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory.”

According to the report, satellite images of Wuhan in September and October 2019 showed a significant increase in hospital visits as well as internet searches for COVID-19 symptoms.

The report also claims that mapping data suggests that the lab researchers likely used Wuhan’s shuttle bus and the city’s subway for their daily commute, spreading the virus throughout the city.

Republican investigators claim there is evidence that the virus was spreading throughout downtown Wuhan just before the World Military Games, which took place in October 2019 and became “became an international vector, spreading the virus to multiple continents around the world” due to the attendance of thousands of military personnel.

Athletes from several countries complained of COVID-like symptoms and four countries that sent participants confirmed the presence of the virus in November and December 2019, before the outbreak became public, according to the report.

On June 15, a group of Republican senators, all members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, demanded access to a series of documents in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where the origin of COVID-19 was discussed.

Republicans in both the House and Senate have pressed the Biden administration to release more information about the possibility that the Chinese regime is responsible for allowing the coronavirus to escape from a laboratory. In fact, they introduced a bill that would force the president to declassify intelligence related to the lab leak theory and more.

Informe de congresistas republicanos arroja nuevos datos sobre fuga del COVID-19 en laboratorio de Wuhan
The Chinese Communist Party regime has allegedly withheld information about the origin and leakage of the virus from one of its laboratories in Wuhan. (EFE)

Anthony Fauci concealed doubts about the origin of COVID-19

Following emails exposed by BuzzFeed as a result of a freedom of information lawsuit, it was discovered that the renowned Dr. Anthony Fauci had knowledge about the experiments conducted at WIV and received reports from respected scientists about the possibility that COVID-19 could have been man-made.

Various news reports linked the NIH to a $600,000 funding to WIV through a non-profit organization to research bat coronaviruses. However, Fauci denied the NIH link to the controversial gain-of-function experiment.

Fauci has repeatedly denied that the American funding was for gain-of-function, but has acknowledged that Chinese scientists could have used the money for such research.

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