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Rep. Dan Crenshaw Asks Biden to ‘Tear Down the Wall of Oppression’ in Cuba

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This Monday, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) joined the demonstration of Cuban-Americans outside the White House to demand that President Joe Biden take strong action in favor of the protests in Cuba. Crenshaw called on Biden to “tear down the wall of oppression” that exists on the island, just as Ronald Reagan demanded the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

“This White House should stand for freedom,” Crenshaw told the Cuban-American community. “More than 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan demanded that the communists tear down the [Berlin] wall, and that’s what we need to hear Joe Biden say today,” he continued.

“Tear down this wall of oppression!” demanded Dan Crenshaw of the Democratic administration, which he accused of “being asleep” in the face of the clamor for freedom from Cubans on the Island. “Biden is asleep, he is asleep, he is dreaming while the people in Cuba are fighting for their Freedom.”

To the chant of “Cuba is in the streets, so are we,” the southern congressman noted that “it should be easy for Americans to stand up for freedom” and sent a message to the Cuban demonstrators, “We are with you, we are listening.”

Also at the demonstration was Cuban-American congresswoman for Florida, María Elvira Salazar, who earlier in the day addressed the cameras of El American to demand once again that Joe Biden’s government turn its attention to Cuba. For his part, Republican political activist Dariel Fernández announced exclusively to El American that he would take advantage of Monday to present new demands to Biden.

“Cubans need to see and understand that they are not alone,” Salazar said. “They will take their future into their own hands, we just need to give them the tools.”

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