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Pro-abortion Congresswoman Judy Chu Arrested for Blocking Street Near Supreme Court

La congresista proaborto Judy Chu fue detenida por bloquear calle aledaña a la Corte Suprema

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California Democratic Congresswoman Judy Chu was one of dozens of people arrested and fined this morning for cutting off a street near the Supreme Court in a protest against the Roe v. Wade ruling.

This Thursday, several dozen protesters sat on the street in the June heat to criticize the abortion decision and forced police to evacuate them, in a civil disobedience act that gathered more press than participants.

On the green handkerchiefs they waved as they were escorted by officers, it could be read that they would not back down.

The protesters who cut off the street were taken, one by one or two by two, to a nearby park, in a curious procession of detainees that included both exalted youths and elderly.

One of the organizers explained to Efe that the detainees would be released, and would have until tomorrow to pay a fine of 50 dollars for their participation in the traffic blockade.

Two other young women who had come from different states to protest the Supreme Court ruling admitted to feeling disappointed with the small number of people they had seen on the street.

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