Rapero Bryson Gray considera "alarmante" que se intente censurar a Joe Roga

Conservative Rapper Bryson Gray Sounds the Alarm About Censorship Calls Against Joe Rogan

“It’s going to happen to you,” it is the rapper’s message to artists and creators who today applaud censorship of dissenting voices

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El American’s chief correspondent, Anna Paulina Luna, sat down with conservative rapper Bryson Gray—who has become trending in recent months following the release and censorship of his hit ‘Let’s Go Brandon’— to give us his opinion on the attempts to cancel Joe Rogan and the boycott of Spotify for refusing to take out the show from its platform.

The rapper, whom Big Tech has censured on more than one occasion for going against the official narrative, said that music, especially rap, is usually “counterculture,” but that seems to have changed recently.

“If you listen to some of Neil Young’s older music, it seems to be about freedom and all of that, but then he wants to cancel Joe Rogan for saying something he doesn’t agree with,” Gray said regarding Young’s effort to censor Rogan.

“And what drives me crazy the most is that they tell us to listen to the experts, that’s what they say: listen to the experts. When Joe Rogan has experts, like Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Robert Malone, these are experts, but no, we can’t listen to these experts, we have to listen to a certain group of experts, so to me it’s like: why are you canceling it?” added Gray about the controversy.

Bryson Gray’s message against censorship

Bryson Gray considers all of this “alarming” since there is increasingly common censorship of music, and he believes that people eventually come to understand those who insist on standing up for themselves and carrying their messages freely. In that sense, he recalls that he has been censored on platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, YouTube and even Genius.com, a website that compiles song lyrics.

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“When Safe Space was censored on Spotify, that should have been one of the biggest stories in the country,” the rapper said regarding people’s passivity in the face of censorship. “Not because of me, but because they’re banning music – I don’t even swear! I don’t rap about sex, I don’t rap about killing, I don’t rap about gangs. My music was banned for what? Medical misinformation? Or hate speech or something like that? That should be alarming to everyone.”

Gray used the example of Alex Jones, the conservative radio host who was censored by multiple platforms in 2018 for sharing pro-Donald Trump views and spreading “conspiracy theories” related to corruption in the U.S. government.

“When they censored Alex Jones, everyone was making up reasons, trying to justify it, and then when they started censoring all of us, we thought about getting angry. However, Alex Jones warned us five years ago,” the rapper said.

Finally, Gray insisted on sending a message to artists and content creators who today applaud efforts to censor dissenting voices: “It’s going to happen to you, so you might as well stand up for the people who are suffering from all of this now. I don’t care if you’re a liberal or not, since a lot of liberals support free speech, you should stand up too.”

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