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Convoy Protesters Continue Fight Against Trudeau’s Tyranny

Protesters claim that the demonstration goes beyond health regulations

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The Convoy protest in Canada continues, with drivers willing to lose their trucks in exchange for freedom.

As repression by Canadian Police and threats by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau increase, protesters in Ottawa are refusing to retreat with a massive call to “hold the line.”

Videos on social networks go viral with testimonies of truckers who claim they are ready to suffer all the consequences for demonstrating against the health measures imposed by Trudeau.

“Can take my truck, do whatever you gotta do, it’s fine. Because it’s just a material possession and freedom is something more than that. So, take my possessions, put me in jail, sue me, do whatever you gotta do,” said one protester on video.

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Those who remain in the protest assure that the demonstration goes beyond health regulations, as they consider that if they do not oppose the impositions they could lose the freedom of the country.

“We have no control over our lives at that point (…) We have to stand up and fight,” said a truck driver.

One day after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act announcing that he will have the power to block bank accounts and remove insurance from vehicles, the truckers continue to demonstrate and harden their stance.

The “Freedom Convoy” began with truckers protesting against mandatory vaccinations to cross the border with the United States, but since then their demands have grown, demanding an end to all sanitary measures.

Following the protest, federal officials announced Wednesday, February 16, a relaxation of COVID-19 controls and rules for vaccinated travelers arriving at their borders, including no need for PCR testing.

Meanwhile, Quebec joined several other provinces in announcing that it will no longer require proof of COVID vaccination for shopping, dining in restaurants and other indoor activities starting next month, after noting a drop in hospitalizations.

More threats and repression from the Canadian government

Police in the Canadian capital warned truck drivers blocking the city center to leave or face arrest. They also handed out leaflets saying, “You must leave the area now. Anyone blocking streets, or assisting others in the blocking streets, are committing a criminal offence and you may be arrested.” Some of the hundreds of stranded vehicles were also fined.

60% of Convoy donors are Canadians

After the well-known fundraising site GoFundMe blocked its services by preventing donors from funding the truckers’ protest, the GiveSendGo portal became the main platform to support the protesters.

“About US$540,000 was raised on the page to support anti-vaccine mandate protesters in Ottawa and throughout Canada, according to data on donations made up to Feb. 10,” reviewed the Global News portal, which also reported that 60% of donors are Canadian and 37% American.

The Freedom Convoy has become a movement with worldwide support where truck drivers and protesters oppose vaccination mandates, not only in Canada, but also in other countries where the rule has become an imposition against the will of millions of citizens.

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