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The Cowboys Will Win the Super Bowl—Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Los Cowboys encienden esperanzas de Super Bowl. Imagen: EFE/EPA/LARRY W. SMITH

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The past few years have not been kind to the Cowboys. They have only qualified for a couple of postseasons. In both, they have fallen a couple of steps short of the Super Bowl. However, this time the story could be very different. The Cowboys have the team and the circumstances to reach their sixth NFL title after 26 years of waiting.

Yes, the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl

  1. They have one of the most potent offenses in the league. The Dallas Cowboys closed the regular season with 530 points—the most in the entire NFL, even surpassing (slightly) the great Tom Brady‘s Buccaneers. Their offense is so potent that, even though their defense is not the most effective, the Cowboys are the second-best team in the NFL in terms of net points (i.e., the difference between the amount they score and the amount they receive.)
  2. They have an “on fire” quarterback. Rayne “Dak” Prescott already has seven seasons in the league. He is at the precise point in his career where youth and maturity are balanced and this season he signed the second-best year of his career, leading the Cowboys to 11 victories. The progress of his aerial game is noteworthy. Prescott’s throws are increasingly accurate and allowed him to break the franchise record for touchdown passes, with 37 in the whole season and 5 in the last game.
¿Será el año de los Cowboys? Hay razones para creerlo. Imagen: EFE/EPA/MIKE STONE
Will it be the year of the Cowboys? There are reasons to believe so. (EFE)
  1. They dominated their conference. This season the Cowboys mercilessly subdued the rest of the teams in the conference, and finished the season with a record of 10 wins and only two losses against conference opponents—the best in the NFL. This ignites hopes that they will at least get past the divisional finals stage, where they were stopped in the 2016 and 2018 postseasons.
  2. They have a solid team. The Cowboys are much more than Prescott. On defense, Micah Parsons has had a very good debut season and Trevon Diggs leads the NFL with 11 interceptions. On offense Ezekiel Elliott has established himself as one of the best running backs in the league. In previous seasons, injuries and playing downs had become an almost unavoidable drag on the Cowboys, this time it looks like things may be different.

And, to close the picture, this is the time for the Cowboys to get back on the path to glory. In the quarter-century between the 1971 and 1995 seasons, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl 5 times. Since then, it’s been another quarter-century of an absolute drought. It’s time for the team to shine again, and they have the team to give it a serious shot.

Yes, I admit that I may have exaggerated a little with the idea that they are going to win the Super Bowl, but without a doubt, they are real contenders, and that in itself is a novelty.

Gerardo Garibay Camarena, is a doctor of law, writer and political analyst with experience in the public and private sectors. His new book is "How to Play Chess Without Craps: A Guide to Reading Politics and Understanding Politicians" // Gerardo Garibay Camarena es doctor en derecho, escritor y analista político con experiencia en el sector público y privado. Su nuevo libro es “Cómo jugar al ajedrez Sin dados: Una guía para leer la política y entender a los políticos”

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