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‘Crappy Gift’: Venezuelans Reject Toys with Maduro’s Image

"Porquería de regalo": venezolanos rechazan entrega de juguetes con figura de dictador Maduro

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The delivery of toys in Las Tejerías of ‘Superbigote’ and ‘Cilita’, dolls inspired by Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and his wife and first lady, Cilia Flores, caused outrage among Venezuelans, who called the event a “mockery” of the country’s children.

The Maduro administration distributed more than 12 million of these toys as Christmas gifts in different sectors of Venezuela, including, Tejerías, in Aragua state, affected by a landslide in early October.

However, the gifts of these unusual figures generated all kinds of reactions in social media, especially rejection due to some users believing that Chavismo is seeking to politicize the Christmas season.

“Look, here are the gifts they gave the children. This is a mockery for them, how can they give them this crappy gift?” one of the users questioned in a video posted on TikTok.

Similarly, other users assured that the country’s current rulers seek to “get into the minds” of the little ones. This, with the aim that they grow up “with the same doctrines” and see Nicolás Maduro as a hero. “The most vulgar and cynical indoctrination of recent times, and egocentrism with a lust for power,” commented an Internet user.

Many Venezuelans rejected the delivery of toys of Superbigote and Cilita. In addition, they consider that the resources used in the manufacture of these toys could have been used for other needs such as in the hospital or food sector since “so many people dying of hunger and these super useless people making themselves dolls”, said a Venezuelan citizen.

“How disrespectful to Venezuelan children”; “They have the super power to wipe out a country in an instant”; “As always, mocking their people they claim to love”, were other messages that were read in social media.

According to Maduro, ‘Superbigote’ is an animated character whose purpose is to fight to save his country from the “American empire”. His first appearance in cartoon form took place a year ago through the public station Venezolana de Televisión. And from that moment on, he gave people something to talk about, since the villains appearing in the comic are related to different political characters such as Donald Trump, Henry Ramos Allup, Julio Borges, among others.  


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