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National Republican Senatorial Committee Ad Accuses Cheri Beasley of Protecting Criminals as a Judge

NRSC, El American

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) released a new ad singling out Democrat Cheri Beasley, a former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice, for rulings with which she has “failed” citizens.

Titled “NC: Discovery,” the new 30-second ad highlights three of the Court’s past rulings in which Beasley, who is now running for the Senate, has ruled — according to the ad — to the detriment of the safety of North Carolinians.

“In stopping crime and holding criminals accountable, Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley has failed us,” the ad says. “Time after time, and case after case, Cheri Beasley protected criminals, not victims. How can we trust her to protect our families?”

The ad, part of a $1.7 million television advertising project, highlights three specific decisions issued by Beasley: overturning the death sentence of a teenage murderer, reversing the conviction of an armed kidnapper, and releasing a double murderer early.

T.W. Arrighi, an NRSC spokesman, said the organization will continue to inform North Carolina voters about Cheri Beasley’s record “without sugarcoating the facts.”

“The ad released today gives more examples of the violent criminals who Beasley protected,” Arrighi added. “We hope voters will remember the victims when they vote in November.”

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