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Croatia Sends Arms, Defense Equipment Worth 16.5M Euros to Ukraine

Croacia envía a Ucrania armas y equipos de defensa por valor de 16.5 millones de euros

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Croatia will send to Ukraine armament and protective equipment worth 16.5 million euros, Defense Minister Mario Banozic announced to the media.

“We are talking, above all, about rifles and machine guns of the calibers that the Ukrainian side has asked us for,” the minister specified, without detailing the type or number of weapons to be sent.

Croatia has decided to contribute ten soldiers to the Rapid Response Force that NATO has announced it will deploy in the Eastern European member countries of the Alliance, as well as as as many experts for a group to protect against cyber-attacks.

These measures are part of the package approved by the government today, which also includes preparations for the reception of refugees, medical care for Ukrainians in need and the closure of airspace to Russian aircraft.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic today again urged Russia and the Russian people for a peaceful solution and to “stop the maddening war march”.

The country has so far received 190 refugees from Ukraine and is preparing for a massive wave of arrivals, in coordination with other EU countries.

According to various media, an undefined number of Croats have traveled to Ukraine to fight as volunteers against the Russian invasion.

Slovenian Defense Minister Matej Tonin also reported that a certain smaller amount of armaments has been sent and promised more equipment, reports regional television N1.

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